Agenda Item No. 25


Introduced by the County Services Committee of the:








WHEREAS, Dr. John Hanieski has served Ingham County since 1999 as the Economic Development Coordinator, primary staff person to the County Economic Development Corporation and expert resource to many of the County=s communities; and


WHEREAS, Dr. Hanieski has provided service and facilitated community meetings for economic development agencies throughout Ingham County particularly in Leslie, Mason, Stockbridge, Williamston, Webberville, Vevay Township and Dansville; and


WHEREAS, he was instrumental in creating the Ingham County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and has applied for grants to support redevelopment of previously used or contaminated sites county-wide; and


WHEREAS, Dr. Hanieski has assisted in the retention of important employers throughout the County including Michigan Packing Company; and


WHEREAS, he has assisted communities with applications for grants and loans to support and improve public infrastructure that improves the quality of life and business in the County, he has negotiated tax sharing agreements with local tax increment financing authorities to support economic development and protect the County's fiscal integrity; and


WHEREAS, Dr. Hanieski has well represented Ingham County in regional economic development projects, as well as coordinated projects with State and Federal agencies to assure programs that assist Ingham County employers and employees, including the Link Michigan Broadband project, the Rare Isotope Accelerator Project and others; and


WHEREAS, after years of professional service to the County of Ingham, John Hanieski retired from his position as Economic Development Coordinator at the end of December, 2004.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners hereby honors Dr. John Hanieski for his years of service with the Ingham County Department of Development and for his contributions to the community and the citizens of Ingham County.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board wishes him continued success in all of his future endeavors. 


COUNTY SERVICES:  Yeas:  Celentino, Copedge, De Leon, Schor, Severino, Vickers

   Nays:  None             Absent:  None            Approved 1/18/05