ADOPTED - APRIL 12, 2005

Agenda Item No. 30


Introduced by the Law Enforcement Committee of the:








WHEREAS, Samuel Gatesy is a senior at Williamston High School where he is captain of the cross country team; and


WHEREAS, upon graduation he plans to attend college where he can study chemical engineering, physics and astronomy; and


WHEREAS, he has been an active participate in Boy Scout Troop #63 since 1998 and has earned 30 merit badges, he became a member of the Order of the Arrow in 2001, he has served as grubmaster, scribe, instructor, quartermaster and treasurer in the Troop; and


WHEREAS, his eagle project entailed constructing and mounting 20 bat houses in the Williamston area, including McCormick Park and Memorial Park, he spent 11 hours planning the project and another 18 hours carrying out the project, with the assistance of  7 fellow scouts and an additional 27 hours, the project was complete; and


WHEREAS, Sam has earned the highest rank attainable in Scouting, the Eagle Scout; and


WHEREAS, to achieve the Eagle rank, a scout must demonstrate leadership and citizenship while earning 21 merit badges before reaching the age of 18.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners congratulates Sam Gatesy for earning the rank of Eagle Scout and extends its sincere appreciation to Sam for serving as a positive role model for the youth in our community.


LAW ENFORCEMENTYeas:  De Leon, Nolan, Copedge, Thomas, Schafer, Vickers

   Nays:  None            Absent:  None   Approved 3/31/05