Agenda Item No. 27


Introduced by the Human Services Committee of the:








WHEREAS, Dr. Joseph Lessard joined the Ingham County staff as County Extension Director in July 1993; and


WHEREAS, during his years of service to Ingham County, he has provided outstanding  leadership for Ingham County MSU Extension that has earned Joe the respect of the entire staff; and


WHEREAS, Joe’s participatory management style encouraged and empowered staff to assume responsibilities, he was always available to listen to staff concerns and provide non-judgmental feedback, and exhibited high professional standards which were a role model for office staff; and


WHEREAS, he has worked to build effective communication and partnerships by becoming involved in Coalitions such as  the Youth Violence Prevention Program, Regional Growth Initiative with Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Human Services Advisory Committee, Regional Economic Development Team, Network Center Advisory Board, Healthy Communities Initiatives; and


WHEREAS, Joe has been active in the local community including  Mason Rotary, Farm Bureau,  and a supporter and volunteer at the Ingham County Fair, the Board of Directors of Girls Scouts of Michigan, Capital Council, Capital Area United Way; and


WHEREAS, he has been instrumental in the use of technical innovations for teaching that has resulted in high quality programming and a willingness of staff to assist other departments in using the latest innovations; and


WHEREAS, he has been an ardent proponent of valuing diversity, encouraged staff to seek new audiences thus ensuring Extension programs are available to all Ingham County residents; and


WHEREAS, after more than eleven years of service with Ingham County MSU Extension, Joe has accepted a promotion within MSU Extension to be the Interim Human Resources Manager as of February 1, 2005.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners hereby honors Joseph Lessard for his years of dedicated service to the County of Ingham and extends its sincere appreciation for the countless contributions he has made to the citizens of Ingham County.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Commissioners extends its best wishes to Joe and hopes for continued success in his future endeavors.


HUMAN SERVICES:  Human Services will meet 1/24/05