ADOPTED - JULY 26, 2005

Agenda Item No. 10


Introduced by the County Services Committee of the:








WHEREAS, several counties are developing programs and initiatives to offer wireless internet to their citizens free of charge through bidding processes with internet providers; and


WHEREAS, the goal of these initiatives is to prepare counties and their workforce for the jobs and technology of tomorrow and enhance the ability to attract and retain high-tech jobs; and


WHEREAS, these initiatives will blanket the counties with wireless internet service and provide free high speed internet access to every resident business and visitor in the County; and


WHEREAS, these initiatives will attempt to address the "digital divide" and provide low-cost or no-cost personal computers and technology training to underserved population groups; and


WHEREAS, this will support a growing mobile workforce and elevate the technical knowledge of the current and future workforces; and


WHEREAS, this initiative will play a key role in the transformation of government services throughout Michigan and support the continued provision of Ingham County's eGovernment services well into the future; and


WHEREAS, these county wireless programs do not use public tax dollars and grant monies to subsidize the creation of the network and do not in any way create government control over private business; and


WHEREAS, current programs have private partners that will be selected in a competitive bid process and shall not have any permanent or exclusive rights, and wireless network will be installed, owned and operated by private partners; and


WHEREAS, this system facilitates a competitive public-private partnership that encourages the development of new businesses, as well as creative new opportunities for information service delivery; and


WHEREAS, these initiatives will be a tremendous asset for attracting and retaining businesses and for fostering job creation in local communities throughout Michigan; and


WHEREAS, members of the State House Energy and Technology Committee have made inaccurate claims that the Wireless Oakland initiative, which is the first developed initiative in Michigan, is anti-competitive and gets local government too deeply into the private sector and has proposed a moratorium on wireless expansion in the State of Michigan in order to stall or derail this project.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners hereby affirms its support for the local county programs creating wireless service.



ADOPTED - JULY 26, 2005

Agenda Item No. 10




BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners is opposed to any effort by the State Legislature to place a moratorium on the expansion of all wireless technology in the State of Michigan.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Clerk is to forward a copy of this adopted resolution to the members of the House Energy and Technology Committee, the Ingham County delegation to the State Legislature, and the Michigan Association of Counties.


COUNTY SERVICES:  Yeas:  Celentino, Copedge, De Leon, Schor, Vickers

            Nays:  None               Absent:  Severino         Approved 7/19/05