Agenda Item No. 14


Introduced by the County Services and Finance Committees of the:








WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners is authorized to establish the compensation for the Board of Commissioners; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners cannot make changes in compensation which affect the Board during the current term, but can make changes to be effective for the next term; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners wishes to establish the Commissioners’ Compensation for the period of January 1, 2007 through 2010 with 2.5% increases each year.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that effective on the date indicated, the salaries for the Ingham County Board of Commissioners shall be as follows:


                                                            January 1,         January 1,          January 1,        January 1,

                                                               2007               2008                 2009                2010


     Board Chair                                               $15,924            $16,472            $17,034         $17,609


Vice Chair, Vice Chair Pro Tem

and all Standing Committee Chairs   $11,565    $11,974            $12,394         $12,823


Other Commissioners                          $10,586            $10,971            $11,365         $11,769


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that effective January 1, 2007 each Commissioner shall be paid a $60.00 per diem for attending each officially called Standing Committee and Board Meeting of which the Commissioner is a member, including Committee of the Whole and Board Leadership to a maximum of eighty (80) per year, provided, however, that a Commissioner shall not be entitled to a payment for more than two (2) meetings per day; and provided further that Commissioners shall not be eligible for payment for a committee meeting which occurs on the same day as a board meeting.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Commissioners’ Chairperson, as an Ex-Officio of all Committees, shall be paid a per diem subject to a maximum of 100 per year.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the above stated salaries for Ingham County Commissioners shall not preclude a Commissioner from receiving a per diem payment when he/she is appointed to a statutory board and/or agency by the County Board of Commissioners.  Commissioners shall receive the same per diem as non-Commissioner members appointed by the Board of Commissioners to statutory boards and/or agencies, in addition to the above stated salary, provided that a per diem Commissioner payment is not prohibited by the specific statute in question. 





Agenda Item No. 14




BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board Coordinator shall be responsible for periodically preparing appropriate vouchers for the payment of per diem for each Commissioner, based on the approved minutes of each Standing Committee, Committee of the Whole, and Board Leadership meeting, and that said voucher shall be approved and signed by the individual Commissioners prior to its submission for payment.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that each Commissioner may, at his/her own expense, purchase health insurance, including dental and vision, as now or in the future provided by the County to its Managers.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the retirement benefit for Commissioners shall be MERS plan C-2 with B-1 base, 55F with 15 years; V6, FAC5, with Commissioners paying 3.56% of salary; provided, however, that each Commissioner at the beginning of his/her term has the option of choosing to participate in the retirement plan.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Commissioners shall receive reimbursement for travel outside Ingham County only for actual miles traveled on county business, at the rate established by the Internal Revenue Service, provided, however, that said mileage reimbursement is not more than that set for State Officers as determined by the State Officers Compensation Commission.  In the event that the above stated mileage reimbursement exceeds the mileage rate established by the State Officers Compensation Commission, then under such circumstances that rate established by the State Officers Compensation Commission shall supersede the above stated rates.  This paragraph shall apply to out-of-county travel only. Commissioners shall not receive mileage reimbursement for intra-county travel, except when in the process of traveling in the County as stated above and as otherwise provided hereunder.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the reimbursement for expenses associated with conferences and conventions shall continue to be provided for Commissioners in the attached Travel Policy and Procedures for Ingham County Commissioners.


COUNTY SERVICES:  Yeas:  Celentino, Copedge, De Leon, Schor, Vickers

    Nays:  Severino          Absent:  None     Approved 11/1/05


FINANCE:    Yeas:  Dedden, Swope, Hertel, Schor, Thomas

    Nays:  Dougan             Absent:  None       Approved 11/2/05




1.         Each Commissioner may be reimbursed up to $1,500 annually for costs of transportation, meals and      lodging associated with attending conferences or conventions in his/her capacity as a County      Commissioner.  Expenses for incidental travel and alcoholic beverages while at such conferences and conventions will not be reimbursed.   Expenses must be reimbursed in the year in which they are        incurred.


2.         The cost of registration not exceeding $1,000 per Commissioner for in-state and out-of state conferences          or conventions may be paid from the Board of Commissioners budget and will not be counted as part of    the Commissioners annual $1,500 travel reimbursement allowance.


3.         In the event that a Commissioner is appointed or elected to an office by a state or national association,   the Board may, by resolution, recognize the position and allocate up to an additional $1,500 annually         within the County’s fiscal year to cover increased expenses of attending necessary functions associated     with the office.


4.         Expenses incurred by a Commissioner in excess of the above limits which are billed to the County will    be recovered through payroll deduction unless reimbursed by the Commissioner within 10 working days     of receipt of the statement by the Board Office.


5.         Original receipts or credit card records must be submitted to obtain reimbursement for travel and           lodging expenses.


6.         Any funds authorized pursuant to this policy, but unexpended within the fiscal year,

            cannot be carried over for use in succeeding fiscal years.


7.         A Commissioner shall not be reimbursed more than $3,000 for travel expenses

            within the County’s fiscal year, excluding registration fees.