ADOPTED - MARCH 14, 2006

Agenda Item No. 12


Introduced by the Finance Committee of the:








WHEREAS, Public Act 621 of 1978 provides that the Board of Commissioners establishes an appropriate time schedule for preparing the budget; and


WHEREAS, this Act requires that each elected official, department head, administrative office or employer of a budgetary center shall comply with the time schedule and requests for information from the Controller.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the attached budget calendar for the 2007 budget process be adopted.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the County Clerk shall be directed to provide written notification of the attached budget calendar to all elected officials and department heads.


FINANCE:  Yeas:  Thomas, Hertel, Grebner,  Dougan

    Nays:  None               Absent:  Weatherwax-Grant, Dedden   Approved 3/8/06






March 8                             Finance Committee recommends 2007 budget calendar.


March 14                           Board of Commissioners approves 2007 budget calendar.


March 30 – April 5             Board Committees begin review of budget background information, performance measures and activity indicators for formulation of strategic goals for 2007. 


April 13 - 19                      Board Committees continue discussions regarding formulation of strategic goals for 2007. 


April 27 - May 2                Liaison Committees forward recommendations for strategic goals for 2007 to the Finance Committee.  Committees also review fees for various county services to make recommendations for any appropriate increases to be effective January 1, 2007.


May 3                                Finance Committee recommends strategic goals for 2007.


May 9                                Board of Commissioners adopts strategic goals for 2007.


May 11 -17                        Committees make recommendations for increases to fees for various county services to be effective January 1, 2007.


May 23                              Board of Commissioners adopts increases to fees for various county services to be effective January 1, 2007.


May 31                              Department heads, agencies and community agencies submit operating and capital budgets.


June 14 - 30                       Controller holds budget meetings with departments.


August 21                           Controller’s Recommended Budget distributed to full Board of Commissioners.


August 30 - Sept. 13          Liaison Committees hold hearings on operating and capital budget recommendations.  (Exact dates to be announced by August 1.)


September 27                     Finance Committee holds hearings and makes operating and capital improvement budget recommendations.


October 24      Board holds public hearing on the General Fund Budget.  Board adopts operating and capital budgets and millages.