Agenda Item No. 26


Introduced by the Human Services Committee of the:








WHEREAS, Sharon Walker  began her career with Ingham County in April 1996, as a Disease Control Nurse in the Communicable Disease Unit of the Ingham County Health Department; and


WHEREAS, in June 2006, she was promoted to Senior Public Health Nurse in the Communicable Disease Unit; and


WHEREAS, Ms. Walker was truly instrumental as the lead nurse in one of the County’s largest outbreaks, displaying exceptional leadership qualities during this critical health occurrence as well as numerous other high profile tuberculosis cases; and


WHEREAS, her professional contributions facilitated the implementation of control measures that stopped further spread of illness to the citizens of Ingham County, and earned her immense respect from her colleagues; and


WHEREAS, in February 2008, she was appointed Interim Disease Control Supervisor, and the appointment was made permanent in June 2008; and


WHEREAS, Ms. Walker has dedicated herself to cultivating the improvement of the Disease Control Department and staff, assisting with the development and implementation of communicable disease protocols which resulted in high commendation during state accreditation of the department and positioning the Disease Control Department as a true County asset; and


WHEREAS, her commitment to public health and the well-being of County citizens, as demonstrated through her professionalism, “no nonsense” approach, loyalty, integrity and unwavering support have inspired her staff to strive for excellence; and


WHEREAS, during her 12 years of steadfast service to the Ingham County Health Department and the community, she has been an unquestionable role model for those having the privilege to know her, a privilege that shall continue to provide a positive direction long after her work for Ingham County is complete.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners hereby honors Sharon Walker for her many years of dedicated service to the County of Ingham and for the contributions she has made to the Ingham County Health Department.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board wishes her continued success in all of her future endeavors.


HUMAN SERVICES:    Human Services will meet on 1/26/09.