ADOPTED - MAY 25, 2010

                                                                                                                                                   Agenda Item No. 16


Introduced by the Judiciary Committee of the:








WHEREAS, Karen Butler began her employment with Ingham County in 1973 as a Clerk Typist I for the Ingham County Probate Court, currently known as Circuit Court, Family Division: and 


WHEREAS, her willingness to learn new skills and admirable work ethic assisted in her promotion from a Clerk Typist I to a Clerk Typist II to the position of a Assistant Juvenile Register and ultimately the position of Juvenile Register; and


WHEREAS, in her positions of Clerk Typist and Juvenile Register she provided support to Judges Drake, Owens, Economy, Brown, Giddings, Garcia, Lawless, and Baird; and


WHEREAS, Karen Butler has been a valuable employee and a tremendous asset to Ingham County Circuit Court, Family Division – always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and always willing to lend a helping hand to her fellow employees; and 


WHEREAS, Karen will now be able to focus on her other career, that being nurturing her family and completing her many special projects; and 


WHEREAS, after thirty-seven (37) years of service, Karen Butler is retiring from her position.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board of Commissioners hereby honors Karen Butler for her thirty-seven (37) years of dedicated service to the County of Ingham and for the contributions she has made to the Circuit Court, Family Division.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Ingham County Board Commissioners extends its best wishes to Karen and hopes for continued success in all of her future endeavors.


JUDICIARY:  Yeas:  Nolan, Tsernoglou, Schafer

   Nays:  None       Absent:  Bahar-Cook, Davis, Dougan     Approved:  5/13/10