Resolutions in Subject Order

Recognizing “Black History/Cultural Diversity Month” in Ingham County                      11-01
Honoring Michael McDonald                                                                     11-02
Honoring Dennis B. Propst                                  11-03
Honoring Jon W. Coleman on Event of Retirement                                  11-04
Establishment of an Assessment Administrator position in the Drain Commission Office         11-05
Accepting 2010 Community Development Block grant funding for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority in the amount of $283,300                                                                                11-06
Accepting 2009 Home Grant Funding from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority in the             Amount of $319,000                                                                                                          11-07
Purchase of a County-Wide Web Site Content Management System (CMS) and Services from Web             Ascender                                                                                                       11-08
Approve the Purchase Annual Maintenance of our Exagrid Backup Appliances from CDW-G     11-09
Entering into an Agreement with CDW-G for Migration to the Microsoft Exchange Email Software   11-10
Approve an Amendment and Restatement of Ingham County’s Section 125 Flexible
 Benefit Plan                       11-11
Authorizing an Extension of the Contract between Republics/Allied Waste Services of Western             Michigan and Ingham County for Dumpster Service at all Ingham County Parks         11-12
Contract with the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group for Vending Machine Service at all Ingham County Parks 11-13
Amend the 2010 Potter Park Zoo Master Plan                                                             11-14
Authorizing the Human Resources Department to Contract with the Ingham County Road Commission 
to Provide Limited Human Resources Services                                                                          11-15
Designating January 27, 2011 as “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” in Ingham County    11-16
Authorize the 2010 – 2011 Schedule A Addendum to the BCBS Administrative Services Agreement 
for Services to Ingham County Jail Inmates                                                                                  11-17
Authorize a Contract with Presort Services, Inc.                                                                              11-18
Authorize Three Adolescent Health – Child and Adolescent Health Center Grant Agreements with
The Michigan Primary Care Association                                                                                                11-19
Amend Resolution #10-138 to Extend an Agreement with Ingham Intermediate School District/Ingham            Birth to Five Great Start Collaborative                                                                                      11-20
Authorize an Agreement with Eaton Intermediate School District to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco
use and Alcohol Abuse in Ingham County                                                                                  11-21
Agreement with Midland County Educational Services Agency for Services Associated with the Great            Start Regional Child Care Resource Center – Central and Eastern Regions                                            11-22
Enter into a Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program (MGSP) Clean Sweep Program Agreement            with the Michigan Department of Agriculture                                                                             11-23
Agreement with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment for 2010-2011         11-24
An Amendment to the Lease Agreement for the Willow Health Center                                                   11-25
Authorize Entering into a Contract with Sequel TSI of Idaho, LLC                                                        11-26
Authorizing the Ingham County 55th District Court to Accept a Grant Award from the Michigan             Supreme Courts:  State Court Administrative Office-Mental Health Services for Drug Court
Participants Program (SCAO/MHSDCP)                                            11-27
Authorize Entering into a Contract with Graphic Sciences and to Hire Temporary Employees in Image            Friend of the Court Case Files                                                                                                  11-28
Accept the 2011 Emergency Vehicle Operations Grant                                  11-29
Authorizing a Contract with Visionair for a New Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for the
 Lansing 911 Center and to Upgrade both 911 Centers Manual Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)            Programs                                                                                                                                              11-30

An Appointment to the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board                                  11-31
Approving the Ranking of the Farms from the 2010 Purchases of Development Rights Applications            Cycle and Proceeding with Negotiations to Purchase Permanent Conservation Easement Deeds  
On the Top Ten Ranked Farms                                                                        11-32
Amend the Contract with Delta Electrical Contractors of Lansing, Inc. to Install a New Emergency            Notification System for the Fairgrounds                                                        11-33
Approve Entering into a 3-Year Agreement with Courtview Justice Solutions for Annual Courtview             Software Maintenance and the Addition of Dashboard Software and ECMS Adapter       11-34
Approve the Renewal of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Anti-Virus Software from EDS            11-35
Authorizing the Approval of Amendment #3 with the Department of Natural Resources to Develop
A Snow Tubing Hill at Hawk Island Park                                                           11-36
Accepting Donations, Authorizing the Purchase of an Electronic Entrance Gate System for the Soldan            Dog Park, and Amending Resolution #05-154 Authorizing an Agreement with the City of
Lansing for the Operation of a Non-Motorized Pathway through Scott Woods Park   11-37
Establishing a Policy Regarding Litigation Between Ingham County Entities                             11-38
Honoring Ginger Kenney-Sweet’s 27 Years of Dedicated Service to the Ingham County MSU             Extension 4-H Youth Development Program                                                        11-39
Granting Meridian Township an Easement for a Water Main Necessary for the Therapy Pool Under            Construction at the Medical Care Facility                                                       11-40
Authorize a Contract with Michigan Department of Human Services to Provide Nursing Care to             Children in Foster Care                                                11-41
Authorize a Contract with Washtenaw County Public Health to Deliver Workshop in Health to
             Deliver Workshop in Health Equity and Social Justice                       11-42
Authorization to Enter into a Contract with Various Residential Placements                  11-43
Approve the Purchase of a Replacement Security Camera System for the Ingham County Youth Center 11-44
Authorizing the Purchase of Fill Dirt from CM Excavation for the Contraction of the Hawk Island             Tubing Hill                                                                                       11-45
Honoring Judy Silsby for her service to the Ingham County Historical Commission         11-46
Honoring Kathy Doyle                                                                                       11-47
Approve the purchase of Purewire Web Security services from Fishnet Security              11-48
Amend Resolution #05-295 which delegates certain authority to the Ingham County Parks and             Recreation Commission                                                                               11-49
Authorize additional Imprest Funds for the Jail’s new Inmate Trust Debit Card System             11-50
Honoring Debra Otis                                                                         11-51
Authorizing contracts to distribute County Urban Redevelopment Funds                      11-52
Honor Captain Rick Miller of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office                                         11-53
Honoring Deputy Jerry Walley of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office                 11-54
Authorize a Juvenile Account Ability Block Grant program award from the Michigan Department Of
Human Services and Sub-contract with the Dispute Resolution Center of Central Michigan   11-55
Authorizing an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General            for the purpose of Receiving Reimbursable Costs for providing resources for a Joint Dog Fighting            Operation                                                                                       11-56
Authorizing an agreement with the Michigan Department of Agriculture for the purpose of Receiving             Reimbursable costs for providing Spay/Neuter Surgeries to Animals at Ingham County Animal            Control                                             11-57
Authorizing Entering into contract with Williamston Township in order to provide one time funding  
to Supplement Police Services to County Residents                                    11-58

Authorizing 2011 Administrative Fund                                                                11-59
2011 Borrowing Resolution (2010 Delinquent Taxes)              11-60

Authorize an Appointment to the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board                     11-61
Authorizing a Contract with Supreme Rental to Provide Portable Restroom Services at Various Ingham County Parks and Fairgrounds                                                                                      11-62
Authorizing a Contract with Century Construction, LLC for Roof Replacement on Four Buildings at Burchfield Park                                                                                                          11-63
Authorizing the Addition of the Feline House Shift Door Replacement to the Potter Park Zoo 2011 Capital Improvement Budget                                                                                                        11-64
Authorizing the Chiller Replacement at the Hilliard Building to be Performed by  
Matrix Consulting Engineers, Inc.                                                               11-65
Authorizing the Addition and Renewal of the Hardware Maintenance Agreement
              from Service Express, Incorporated for 12-Months                     11-66
Authorizing a Part-Time Temporary Position at the Ingham County Fairgrounds             11-67
Authorizing Implement the Evaluation of the 2009 Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Phased Reorganization                                                                                     11-68
Authorize Reorganization within the Treasurer’s Office                   11-69  
Establishing the Budget Calendar for 2012                  11-70
Authorizing Creating a Public Act 88 Task Force                                  11-71

Authorize Calling on the State of Michigan to Preserve Revenue Sharing For Counties              11-72
Authorize Calling on the State of Michigan to Preserve the State Earned Income Tax Credit          11-73
Authorizing the Amendment of the Ingham County Sanitary Code by Adding
Chapter Viii to Approve Regulations Governing the Identification and
Disclosure of Toxic, Hazardous, or Polluting Materials                              11-74
Authorizing the Adoption of the 2011 Fees for Chapter VIII of the Ingham County Sanitary
Code (Pollution Prevention Regulation)                                                       11-75
Honoring Gloria Vorhauer, Health Department                                                            11-77
Honoring Melany Mack, Health Department                                                             11-78
Honoring Vicky Morales, Health Department                                                   11-79
Honoring Judith Price, Health Department                                               11-80
Authorize a Contract with Health Management Associates to Assist With Health
Plan Management Services’ Strategic Planning                         11-81 

Authorizing a Contract Extension Agreement with the Michigan Association of Police                     11-82
Authorizing Calling on the State of Michigan to Add Public Libraries to its Gun Free Zones            11-83
Authorizing Designating March, 2011 as “Certified Government Financial Manager Month”  
in Ingham County                                                                             11-84
Authorizing Recognizing March, 2011 as “Women’s History Month” in Ingham County      11-85
Authorizing Entering into a Permanent Conservation Easement Agreement   
with Meridian Township                                                                                11-86
Authorizing a Contract Renewal with Smiths Detection for the Maintenance of the
X-Ray Screening Device at the Grady Porter Building and Veterans Memorial Courthouse     11-87
Authorizing an Agreement with Nelson Trane (Resolution #10-111) for the Air-Cooled Rotary Screw Water Chiller at the Ingham County Human Services Building, Youth Center and Jail       11-88
Authorizing an Agreement with Astrophysics for the Maintenance of the X-Ray
Screening Device at the Ingham County Family Center       11-89
Authorizing an Agreement with Gabriel Roeder Smith and Company to Conduct a    Bi-Annual Retiree Health Care Valuation                                                                                            11-90
Authorization of Infinisource, Inc. as the County’s Third Party Administrator for the Employee’s Flexible Spending Account                                                                                              11-91
Authorize an Appointment to the Senior Citizens Advisory Board       11-92
Authorize an Amendment to the Pediatric Physician Agreement with the College  
of Human Medicine at Michigan State University                     11-93
Authorize Provider Contracts with Barry-Eaton Health Plan                                          11-94
Authorization to Amend the Contract Amount for the Ingham Academy Day Treatment Program    11-95

Authorizing Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court Mental Illness
Matters Heard at St. Lawrence Hospital                                                    11-96
Authorizing Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court in General Matters
Authorizing 10 and 12 Hour Jail Nurse Shifts for the Jail Nurses at the Ingham County Jail      11-98
Authorizing the Michigan Department of State Police, Emergency Management Division 2009 State Homeland Security Grant, Regional Planner Grant                                                                        11-99
Authorizing a Modification to the Contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections for Ingham County/City of Lansing Community Corrections and Subcontracts for Community Corrections Programs for Fiscal Year 2010-2011.                                                        11-100
Authorizing an Agreement with the Community Mental Health Authority of    
Clinton, Eaton, & Ingham Counties for Services in the Ingham County Jail                     11-101

Authorizing the Acceptance of $225.00 from Consumers Energy for the Purchase of  Emergency Preparedness and Response Supplies for the Community Emergency Response Team (Cert)                        11-102
Honoring Joe Guenther, Road Commission                                                    11-103
Honoring Tom Mitchell, Road Commission                                                          11-104
Honoring Francis Acevedo Marinez                                                                      11-105
Recognizing April 2011 as Autism Awareness Month in Ingham County                     11-106
Recognizing April 12, 2011 as “Equal Pay” Day in Ingham County                        11-107
Authorizing a Resolution in Opposition to House Bill 4287 and Senate Bill 165, that would Prohibit                Local Units of Government from Entering into Project Labor Agreements                               11-108
Authorizing Rehmann Robson to Conduct an Audit of the Ingham County Drain Commission    11-109
Authorizing a Fund Transfer to the Potter Park Zoological Society               11-110
Authorizing a Renewal of the Contract with Teachout Security Services at
Various Ingham County Buildings                       11-111
Authorizing a Contract with Tyler Technologies for Munis Training                     11-112
Approving the Purchase of a Labor Block Support Agreement from Netarx, Inc. for On-Going Technical Support of the Ingham County Network Infrastructure    11-113
Approving Selection Criteria (Scoring System) for Ranking Landowner Applications  
to the Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program and Authorizing
 the Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board
              to Proceed with the 2011 Purchase of Development Rights Application Cycle      11-114
Authorizing Amendment #1 to the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and
Contracting Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health         11-115

Creating a WIC Satellite at the Grand River Head Start Site of Capital Area Community Services    11-116
Authorizing the Temporary Reassignment of Some Public Health Service Job Duties and                Responsibilities and the Execution of the Related Letter of Understanding                                11-117
Authorizing the Operation of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program as a Part   
of the 4-H Youth Garden and Farm Stand Programs at the Ingham County Family Center  11-118
Authorizing a Contract with Imagesoft Corporation for the Discovery Phase of the Scanning Project for the Circuit Court                                                                                                11-119
Authorizing Contracts with Imagesoft Corporation and with Graphic Sciences Corporation
for Implementation of  the Probate Court Scanning Project        11-120
Authorizing Participation with the Meridian Township Police Department Youth  
Alcohol Enforcement Grant                     11-121
Authorizing Participation with the Meridian Township Police Department Highway Safety Grant     11-122
Authorize a Grant Subcontract between the City of Lansing and Ingham County Prosecuting                Attorneys Office for the Training and Prosecution of Elder Abuse             11-123
Authorizing a Lease with Peckham, Inc. Pathways Employment Program for Office Space at the Ingham County Grady Porter Building                                                                                              11-124
Authorizing a Contract with Van Belkum for a New NICE 911 Recorder System for the  
Ingham County 911 Centers                                  11-125
Authorizing Entering into a Contract with the City of Lansing for the Public  
Safety Interoperable Communication (PSIC) Grant Program to Enhance the Ingham
County Public Safety Radio Communications System              11-126

Supporting Awareness for and Designating April 2011 as Child Abuse Prevention Month           11-127
Honoring the 2011 State Arbor Day Celebration                                   11-128
Honoring Patricia Betz, Women’s Commission                                                         11-129
Awarding Gladys Beckwith with the 2011 Ingham County Women’s Commission       
Lucile E. Belen Award                                 11-130
Establishing Policy and Priorities for the Use of Farmland and Open Space Preservation Funds  
and to Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Ingham County Farmland Purchase of                Development Rights Ordinance                                                                     11-131
Adopting the 2011 County Equalization Report as Submitted with the Accompanying Statements      11-132
Designating County Representatives at State Tax Commission Hearings                       11-133
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2011 Ingham County Budget                    11-134
Establishing Priorities to Guide the Development of the 2012 Budget and   
Activities of County Staff                                                         11-135
Authorizing the Addition of a Therapeutic Activities Area, Walkway, and Courtyard to the  
Ingham County Medical Care Facility’s Dementia Unit                             11-136
Amending the Administrative Support Services Agreement with Barry-Eaton Health Plan Corporation    11-137
Amending Resolution #11-115, Amendment #1 to the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Planning,   
Budgeting and Contracting Agreement                11-138
Authorizing an Agreement with Midland County Educational Service Agency to Provide
                Quality Improvement Services for Childcare Providers                    11-139

Authorizing the Transition of a Medical Technologist Position from Temporary Special Part Time
to Permanent Part Time (.5 FTE)                                      11-140
Approving Final Design Plans and Authorizing the Ingham County Building Authority to
Proceed With Bid Documents for the Ingham County Consolidated    
911 Dispatch Center Project                   11-141

Granting the Parks & Recreation Commission the Ability to Approve Future Visitor Incentive Programs
At the Potter Park Zoo                                                                                       11-142
Authorizing a Reciprocal Arrangement between the Parks and Fair                                  11-143
Authorizing acceptance of a Charitable Donation from the Potter Park Zoological Society for the  
Potter Park Zoo                                                         11-144
Authorizing a Contract with Schindler Elevator Company to Provide Elevator Repair and Maintenance   11-145
For the Purchase and Installation of Equalizer .Net Software Upgrade of the Equalization/Assessing                Software System for the Equalization/Tax Mapping Department, and the .Net Software
Upgrade of the Equalizer County Tax Software System, the Equalizer Delinquent  
County Tax Software System, the Pre Audit Software System, and the Animal License   
Software System for the County Treasurer’s Office                                    11-146
Approving Entering into a Grant with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth 
And Appoint Douglas A. Stover as County Grant Administrator for the 2011  
 Remonumentation Project                                                                          11-147
Contract with Ronnie M. Lester as County Representative and Enger Surveying & Engineering, Inc    
For Services as Monumentation Surveyor for the Ingham County Monumentation and   
Remonumentation Project in 2011                                        11-148
Amend the 2010-2011 CPBC Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health to   
Provide Interim Chief Medical Executive Coverage                     11-149
Authorize the Ingham County Health Department to Enter into an Agreement with Capital Link         11-150
Authorize the Transition of a Nurse Assessor Position to a Health Center Nurse     11-151
Establish a 1.0 FTE Assistant Social Worker Position in Public Health Nursing           11-152
Authorizing an Agreement with Courtview Justice Solutions for Modifications needed to the Circuit 
Court Sentencing Screen                                                                          11-153
Authorizing the Acceptance of FY 2008 and 2009 Homeland Security Grant Program Pass through   
Funds for Nine In-Car Video Camera Systems for other County Police Departments                 11-154
Honoring Pastor Stan Parker                                                      11-155 
Authorizing the Transfer of Funds from the Treasurer’s Office to the Register of Deeds and to               Authorize a Temporary Employee                                                                11-156
Authorizing Contracts with Yankee Appraisal Associates and Williams & Associates to Conduct               Appraisals on Properties Approved for Purchase through the Ingham County Farmland and 
And Open Space Preservation Program                                                     11-157
Authorizing a Return to the General Fund of Previously Approved Trail Budget Funding and a  
Budget Adjustment to the 2010 Lake Lansing Park-North Land Acquisition Project               11-158
Authorizing a Return to the General Fund of Previously Approved Trail Budget Funding and Request               For Funds to construct a Snow Board Hill at Hawk Island Park                      11-159
Authorizing the Establishment of User Fees for the Disc Golf Course at urchfield Park for 2011        11-160
An Amendment and Restatement of Ingham County’s Deferred Compensation Plan                     11-161
Approve the Purchase of a Fiber Optic Connection to Healthy Smiles Clinic from Arialink                     11-162
Approve the Renewal of the Annual Maintenance for the Track-It Call Management Application from            Numara Software Incorporated                                                                              11-163
Approve the Renewal of the Munis Software Annual Support Agreement from Tyler Technologies         11-164
Updating Various Fees for County Services                                                               11-165
Authorizing the Transfer of Funds to the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission and a 2011                Contract for Accounting with Respect Thereto                                           11-166
Authorize Acceptance of the Mental Health Mini-Grant - Child & Adolescent Health Centers from               The Michigan Department of Community Health and the Muskegon Area Intermediate  
School District                                                                     11-167
Approve the Purchase of Courtroom Technology from Tel Systems for the Circuit Court        11-168
Honoring Kevin Thompson                                                   11-169
Amend the State Court Administrative Office Access and Visitation Grant Agreement       11-170
Authorize Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Michigan Association of    
Community Correction Advisory Boards (MACCAB) for Implementation of the Pretrial Risk    
Assessment Project to be provided by Luminosity, Inc.                    11-171
Authorizing Approvals for Reimbursement Requests and Contract Submissions within the Electronic            Grant Administration Management System (EGrAMS) by the Friend of the Court and  
Prosecuting Attorney                                                             11-172
Honoring Deputy Larry Ramirez of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office                                  11-173
Honor Lieutenant Roy Holliday of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office                             11-174
Honoring Jerry Swartz on the Event of his Retirement                                            11-175

Honoring Linda Sjolund                                                 11-176
Pledging Full Faith and Credit for the prompt payment and interest on the Kalamink ConsolidatedDrain Drainage District Bonds, Series 2011                       11-177
Contract with Legal Aid of Central Michigan to Take Client Referrals from Ingham County Register  
of Deeds and Ingham County Treasurer                              11-178
Authorize the purchase of a new Record Management Software System for the Register of Deeds               Office                                                                                                    11-179
Authorize Service Contracts for the purpose of Conducting Title Searches                           11-180
Reorganize Selected Central Services Positions and Waive the Hiring Freeze                   11-181
Amending Resolution #11-067 to Increase a Part-Time Temporary Position at the Ingham County                        Fairgrounds to Full-Time Temporary                                                   11-182
Create a Combined Well and Septic Inspection Fee                            11-183
Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health                   11-184
Authorize an Amendment to and the consolidation of the Behavioral Health Services Agreements              
Between the Ingham County Health Department and the Community Mental Health
Authority of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties                                      11-185
Honoring Ann Marie Hickey                                                    11-186
Honoring Denise Fandrick                                                                        11-187
Approve an Extended Police Services Agreement with the Village of Webberville Covering the  
Period of July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012                                           11-188 
Authorizing the Establishment of a Fee to Issue a Certificate of Registration for a Precious Metal  
and Gem Dealer License                                                       11-189

Making an appointment to the Equal Opportunity Committee                    11-190
Utilize the County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Property                    11-191
Authorizing Register of Deeds to enter into a contract for Legal Services with the House Defense               League to Recover Lost Transfer Tax                                       11-192
Donate Foundation from Civil War Cannon to Maple Grove Cemetery                     11-193
Support of the Draft Clean Water Guidance Issue by the Environmental Protection Agency and      
Corps of Engineers                                         11-194
Rebuild the two South End Horse Show Arenas at the Ingham County Fairgrounds             11-195
Authorizing a Contract with Se Environmental Services for the Demolition of the Rocky Mountain
Big Horn Sheep Exhibit                                        11-196
Authorizing submission of a Grant Application and Entering into a Contract with the Michigan               
Authorize an agreement for Childbirth Education and Training with the Expectant Parents Organization    11-197
Amending Resolution #10-264 to authorize an agreement with the Lansing School District to Operate               School-Based Health Centers                     11-198
Authorizing the 2012 Community Agency Funding Process and Approving Criteria for Ranking                Applications for Community Agency Funding                                                                         11-199
Accept a State Court Administrative Office Video Equipment Grant for the Circuit Court               11-200
Amend the Family Division of the Circuit Court’s Ingham Academy Program contracts and to                Purchase additional Technological Resources at the Ingham Academy                                     11-201

Authorize the Purchase of Furniture and a Minivan for the Ingham Academy       11-202
Adopt the 2012 Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process Calendar        11-203
Authorizing submission of a Grant Application and entering into a Contract with the Michigan                Department of Corrections for Ingham County /City of Lansing Community Corrections       
And Authorizing Entering into Subcontracts for Community Corrections Programs for     
FY 2011-2012                                 11-204
Department of Corrections for Ingham County /City of Lansing Community Corrections 
And Authorizing Entering into Subcontracts for Community Corrections Programs for      
FY 2011-2012                                11-205

Authorizing Funding for Two Temporary Animal Control Positions                  11-206
Approving Cooperative Agreement Np.73-5D21-11-31 Between United States and Ingham County 
To Accept Approximately $305,913.00                                11-207

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