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Provide for Annual Election of Chairperson to One Year Term 01-01
Honoring David Sheathelm 01-02
Honoring Karen Sheathelm 01-03
Recommending Adjustment to Parks Department Seasonal Employee Wage Schedule 01-04
Re-establish Administrative Fee for "Plat Drain" 01-05
Authorize Reorganization 01-06
Amend Reso. #97-14 for the Deposit and Investment of County Funds 01-07
Eaton County and Clinton County: Amend Contract to Provide Services to Veterans 01-08
Capital Area District Library: Extend Agreement for County to Provide Payroll and Employee Services 01-09
Capital Area Transportation Authority: Extend Main Agreement and Approve Fourth Amendment 01-10
Matthew Song M. Yun, D.D.S.: Dental Services at Health Department 01-11
MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine: Amend and Extend Contract 01-12
Adjust Environmental Services Fees for 2001 01-13
Family Independence Agency: Amend Teen Parent Program Grant 01-14
Department of Consumer Industry Services: 2000-2001 Licensing Support Services 01-15
Amend Resolution #00-256 to identify grantor agencies for 0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant at Health Department 01-16
Thalner Electronic Laboratories: Courtroom Technology in New Courts Building 01-17
Authorize Circuit Court to be Responsible for Operation of Youth Center 01-18
Regarding Implementation of Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MICSES) 01-19
Authorize Budget Transfers for Temporary Staffing 01-20
Authorize Subcontract with City of Lansing to Continue Metro Conspiracy Investigation and Special Prosecution Unit 01-21
Contract with James L. Peters, D.D.S: Jail Dental Services 01-22
Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority: 2001 Risk Avoidance Program 01-23
Holt and Mason Towing: Towing Service for Sheriffs Office 01-24
Linda Keefe to Community Mental Health Board 01-25
Guillermo Lopez to Board of Health 01-26
Jean Golden to Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission 01-27
Bruce Bragg to Executive Committee of Capital Area Health Alliance 01-28
Cynthia Paul to Equal Opportunity Committee 01-29
Judy Rohn to Women's Commission 01-30
Honoring Chaplain Aaron Milton 01-32
Recognizing "Black History Month" in Ingham County 01-33
Contract with Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science at MSU: Parcel Digitizing Services 01-34
Michigan Dept. of Consumer and Industry Services and State Remonumentation Commission for 2001 Remonumentation Project 01-35
Appoint Doug Stover as County Grant Administrator for Remonumentation Project 01-36
Contract w/Ronnie M. Lester: County Representative for Remonumentation Project 01-37
Contract w/Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors as Monumentation Surveyor 01-38
Government Payment Services: Use Credit Cards to Pay Fee at Jail 01-39
Increase Per Diem for Board of Canvassers, EDC Board of Directors, Election Commission, Fair Board, FIA Board, Jury Board, Parks Board Plat Board and Veterans Affairs 01-40
Approve Staffing Changes (Clinic Nurses) 01-41
City Lansing: Subcontract for Abstinence Program 01-42
Beth Spyke
to Board of Health 01-43
Dennis Jurczak, M.D.: Interim Medical Director/Medical Examiner 01-44
Adjust Budget & Authorize Purchase of Laptops for V/H Technicians 01-45
Brian Hunter, M.D.
as Deputy Medical Examiner 01-46
Authorize Continued Membership and Payment of Dues in Capital Area Health Alliance 01-47
Gartner Consulting: Voice Radio Communications Systems Management 01-48
Authorize Continuation of Contract for Staff Consultant Services 01-49
MDCH, Office of Drug Control Policy: Continue Byrne Memorial Grant Program for Prosecuting Attorney's Office 01-50
Delay Implementation of Solid Waste Disposal Agreements 01-51
Honoring Brandon Laumer 01-52
Declaring March 31, 2001 as "Cesar E. Chavez Day" 01-53
Order of Annexation of Certain Land to the Village of Webberville 01-54
Sunrise Aggregate: Move Grandstand Horse Arena at Fairgrounds 01-55
Group Benefit Services: Extension - Administer Dental and Drug Reimbursement Pro. 01-56
Accident Fund: Extension - Administer Workers' Compensation Program 01-57
Borrow Against Delinquent 2001 Taxes/Authorize 2001 Administrative Fund 01-58
Authorize Contracts to Implement a 340B Pharmacy Plan 01-59
American Legacy Foundation: Tobacco Reduction 01-60
MI FIA: Teen Parent Program 01-61
John Greene, D.O. as Deputy Medical Examiner 01-62
Michigan Justice Training Commission: 2001 Regional Pursuit Driving 01-63
Midstate Security: Purchase/Install Security Cameras at Jail 01-64
Authorize Acceptance of Digital Cameras from CADA 01-65
Contract with Canteen Services for Inmate Commissary Services 01-66
Michigan Justice Training Commission: 2001 Corrections Academy 01-67
Mitch Tomlinson to Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission 01-68
James Sype to the Parks Board 01-69
Paula Simon to the Fair Board 01-70
T.H. Eifert: Replace Two Chillers at HSB 01-71
Establish Budget Calendar for 2001 01-72
Mi Council on Crime and Delinquency: Provide Clerical and Program Support
Services to Youth Violence Prevention Coalition 01-73
MMRMA: Cultural Awareness Training 01-74
City of Lansing: Emergency Dispatch Station Alerting System Equipment 01-75
Authorize Programming Services from UNISYS for CSES Project 01-76
Honoring Darnell Earley 01-77
Honoring June Moore 01-78
Nelson Trane: 5 Year Service Agreement on Chillers at HSB 01-79
K.R. Sales: Purchase Five Humidifiers for HSB 01-80
Authorize Implementation of ICEA Court and Professional Employee Job Study 01-81
Amend Resolution 00-262 Authorizing Purchase of Computers 01-82
Increase Number of Members on the Historical Commission 01-83
Increase Membership of Environmental Affairs Commission 01-84
Griffin Rivers to Capital Area District Library Board 01-85
Helen Freeman to the Board of Health 01-86
Authorize Budget Adjustment for Purchase of Computer Equipment for Immunizations 01-87
Amend 2000 Agreement with Department of Environmental Quality 01-88
Adjust Fee Schedule 01-89
Amend CPBC Process with MDCH 01-90
Adopt Plan of Organization 01-91
Grant From Michigan Sheriff's Association for Victim Services Unit 01-92
Moore's Security Services: Security at County Buildings 01-93
Lansing Tile & Mosaic: New Gym Floor at Youth Center 01-94
Authorize Budget Transfers for Temporary Staffing 01-95
Honoring Judge Beverley Nettles-Nickerson 01-96
Support Village of Stockbridge Recreation Plan and Grant Application 01-97
Support Application for Federal and State Funds to Replace Old Plank Road Bridge 01-98
Authorize Contract for Consultant Services and Contingency Appropriation 01-99
Give Conditional Agreement to City of Williamston to Provide Project Oversight for Sewer Project (Lynn Road/Tobias Drain) 01-100
Michigan State Housing Development Authority: Housing Grant 01-101
MI DNR: Plant Trees at Hawk Island County Park 01-102
Authorize Adjustments to 2001 Budget 01-103
Authorize Purchase of Martin Yale Paper Folder 01-104
MI FIA: Community Balanced & Restorative Justice and Subcontract with Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency 01-105
Ferris State University: Provide Field Experience to Environmental Health Students 01-106
Accept Grant from Health Services Research Administration 01-107
Ingham Intermediate: Implement All Children Connected to Succeed Initiative 01-108
AssurCare/Group Benefit Services: Provide Claims Ajudication and Payment for Ingham Health Plan 01-109
Appropriate Funds to House Female Juvenile at Macomb County Jail 01-110
Amend Fees Allow Qualified Animal Rescue Groups to Adopt Animals at Reduced Rates 01-111
Authorize Ingham County Portion and Appropriate Match Grant Funds for City of Lansing-Police Department Police Community Diversion Program 01-112
Patrick Eagen and Steve Siegrist to Community Corrections Advisory Board 01-113
Louis Romano to CADL Board 01-114
Recognize 100th Birthday of First Presbyterian Church of Mason 01-115
Honor 129th Anniversary of Arbor Day 01-116
Honoring Loraine Larkins 01-117
Honoring Wayne J. Denison 01-118
Declare April 22-28 as "National County Government Week" 01-119
Honoring Derek Spangler 01-120
Honoring Dwight Bernabei 01-121
Honoring Jeremy Shuck 01-122
Honoring Anthony Worth 01-123
Designate April 28 as "Dia De Los Ninos: Celebrating Young Americans" Day 01-124
Ernest Wallick to Equal Opportunity Committee 01-125
Theodore Sinnaeve to Equal Opportunity Committee 01-126
Designate County Representatives at State Tax Commission Hearings 01-127
Kids' Care of Michigan: Coordination of Services to Special Needs Children 01-128
Dietz Janitorial: 5 Year, Janitorial Services at Porter Building 01-129
Dietz Janitorial: 5 Year, Janitorial Services at Consolidated Courts Building 01-130
Contract with City of Lansing for Emergency Dispatch Station Alerting System Equip 01-75
Authorize Tentative Amendments to 911 Service Plan 01-131
Establish Priorities for 2002 Strategic Planning and Budget Activities 01-132
Honoring Detective Stephen Sargeant 01-133
Honoring Captain David Wilcox 01-134
Honoring Deputy James Mills 01-135
Honoring Nick Johnson 01-136
Honoring Tom Clinton 01-137
Honoring Robert D’Alcorn 01-138
Authorize Fund Transfer to Hawk Island Project 01-139
Contract with Aggregate Industries for Finish Grading and Paving 01-140
County Line Nurseries: Landscaping/Irrigation at Hawk Island 01-141
Weiland-Davco: Concession/Bathhouse at Hawk Island 01-142
Delta Electric: Electrical Work at Fairgrounds 01-143
Authorize Adjustment to CIP Budget 01-144
Nextel Communications: Cellular Service to Seven County Departments 01-145
Authorize Reorganization in Controller’s Office 01-146
Amend Resolution 01-107 01-147
Amend Agreement for C-E-I Community Mental Health Board 01-148
Authorize Transfer of Funds to Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission 01-149
FIA: Support the Jumpstart Program 01-150
0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant with Lansing School District for 2000-2001 01-151
Authorize Re-organization and Establish New Chief Deputy Court Clerk 01-152
Name Consolidated Courts Building "Veterans Memorial Courthouse" 01-153
Dennis Propst, Dianne Holman, Mike McCue and James Hafke to Parks Board 01-154
Raymond Young to Veterans Affairs Committee 01-155
Nancy Wonch and Rebecca Scovill to FOC Citizens Advisory Committee 01-156
In Opposition to Proposed Wolverine Pipeline Routes Across Densely Populated Residential Areas in Ingham County 01-156.5
Declare May 31, 2001 as "World No Tobacco Day/Clean Indoor Air Day" 01-157
Honoring Walt Campbell 01-158
Big Barney’s Road Maintenance: Purchase and Application of Liquid Chloride 01-159
Authorize Challenge of Official 2000 Census Counts 01-160
Authorize City of Mason to Place a Well at the Fairgrounds
Accept Donation from Steve Youdes’ Clock Repair 01-162
Submit to Vote of Electorate a Tax Levy of .2425 Mills for Five Years 01-163
Authorize PHN Letter of Understanding with IISD 01-164
Authorize Seven "Equip" Special Project Grants with Michigan 4C Association 01-165
Submit to Vote of Electorate A Special Millage Questions for Transportation
System for Disabled and Elderly 01-166
Authorize Amendment to Letter for Understanding for Early On Program 01-167
Authorize Agreement for Certain Veterinarians to Sell Dog Licenses 01-168
Honoring Molly Epstein 01-169
Honoring Aryn Perkins 01-170
Honoring Joan Aisha Michelle Miller 01-171
Honoring Vivian Greene-Weatherspoon 01-172
Honoring Dennis Bond 01-173
Honoring Kris Michaels 01-174
Honoring Kenneth Fletcher 01-175
Honoring Bruce D. Hunting 01-176
City of Lansing: (with appropriation) for Lansing Area Skate Park 01-177
Reclassify a Position in the Prosecuting Attorney's Office 01-178
Authorize Reorganization in the Clerk's Office 01-179
Superior Services: Roof Replacement of Lake Lansing Carousel Building 01-180
Pepsi Bottling Group: Vending Services for County Park System 01-181
MDNR: Amendment #1 to Develop Hawk Island County Park 01-182
Judy Bukovac, Cheryl Streberger and Timothy Havis to Board of Health 01-183
Authorize Grant and Agreement and Contract for Purchase of Satellite Down Link 01-184
Authorize Transfer of Funds from Other Governmental Units to State of Michigan
to Support Indigent Health Care Services 01-185
MDEQ: Carry Out Mobile Home Park Inspections 01-186
Accept $10,000 from Ferris State University and Amend Budget 01-187
Accept USDJ, Bureau of Justice Assistance Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant 01-188
Authorize MDOC 2001-2002 Fiscal Year Contract 01-189
Authorize Increase in Hourly Wage of Work Study Positions 01-190
Office Space and Related Costs 01-191
Safety Systems: Upgrade and Install Security Cameras at Youth Center 01-192
Authorize Creation of Temporary Courtroom Clerk Position 01-193
Adjust 2001 Budget and Purchase Portable Computers 01-194
Board of Water & Light: Purchase Chilled Water for Porter Building 01-195
Authorize to Proceed with Renovation and Financing of Porter Building 01-196
Designate June 16, 2001 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Day 01-197
Honoring Brad Pulver 01-198
DBI Business Interiors: Desk Top Delivery of Office and Paper Supplies 01-199
Regarding the Use of County Resources, Including Information Technology Resources 01-200
Amend Resolution 01-40 to Increase Per Diem Payments to Election Scheduling Comm. 01-201
Accept 2001 Capital Fund Program Grant from HUD 01-202
Approve Changes to Managerial/Confidential Personnel Manual 01-203
Ingham Regional Medical Center and Dean Transportation: Mobile Clinical Unit 01-204
Mi FIA: Amend Teen Parent Program Agreement 01-205
Establish New Part-time Clinic Nurse Position in Child Health 01-206
Authorize Purchase of Furniture and Equipment and Remodeling of Space at ICHD 01-207
Authorize Staffing Changes in Adolescent Health Program 01-208
Amend Resolution #00-304 to Extend Protemps Contract 01-209
Accept Capital Region Community Grant for Next Generation Model Trail Court 01-210
Adopt Emergency Telephone Services Policy 01-211
Delete Portion of and Modify in Part Resolution 01-191 01-212
Honoring Michael Lessa 01-213
Certify Representatives to MERS Annual Meeting 01-214
Fitzgerald, Henne & Associates: Engineering Services at Drain Commissioner's 01-215
Authorize Implementation of Vehicle Entrance Fees 01-216
City of Lansing: Construction/Use of Non-motorized Pathway at Hawk Island 01-217
Database Graphics: Assist in County Challenge of Census Counts 01-218
Landscape Architects and Planners: Streetscape Study for Williamston DDA 01-219
John F. Hanieski: Economic Development Services 01-220
Support Application for Critical Bridge Funds to Replace Harper Road Bridge 01-221
Distinct Builders: Install Concrete Sidewalks for Handicap Access 01-222
Play Associates: Playground Equipment at Baldwin Park 01-223
Authorize Change in Park Manager I Classification 01-224
Approve 3% Salary Increase for County-Wide Elected Officials 01-225
Approve Employee-Paid Retirement Improvements for Judges 01-226
Adjust Fees for Certified Copies 01-227
Adopt Year 2000 Deficit Elimination Plans for Drain Capital Project Funds
and the Capital Projects CMH Probationary Residential Fund 01-228
Accept Grant/Award Contracts to Minority Over-Representation Grant 01-229
Authorize MSU Extension 4-H Youth Programs to Expand 4-H After School Prog. 01-230
Adjust Fees for On-Site Sewage Disposal and Water Well Applications/Permits 01-231
Authorize New Clinical Services Fee Schedule 01-232
Enhance Staffing/Service Levels in CSHCS Programs 01-233
Authorize Administrative Services Agreements with Other Counties 01-234
Authorize Contract Amendment with NEIESA for Emergency Dispatch Service 01-235
Authorize a Headlee Amendment Lawsuit Over Concealed Weapons Legislation 01-236
Village of Webberville: Police Services Agreement 01-237
Approve Plans, Cost Estimate, Estimate Period of Usefulness, Lease Contract an Filing with Department of Treasury 01-238
Honoring Gretchen Cochran 01-239
Supporting Commissioner Lynch to Seat on MAC Board of Directors 01-240
Honoring Chief James Pelton 01-241
Honoring Roxanna Peterson 01-242
Honoring Helen Perry-Buse 01-243
Honoring Ben Pulver 01-244
Authorize Purchase of Two Kubota L4310 HSD Tractors 01-245
Authorize Agreement with HNTB to Provide Consulting Services to Village of Stockbridge 01-246
Adopt Master Plan 01-247
Further Authorize Completion of Phase 1 of Closure Plan for Arsenic Sediment
Spoil Sites at Lansing Lansing 01-248
Ledy Design Group and Spicer: Engineering Services at Drain Commissioner's 01-249
Graphic Sciences: Microfilm to CD Conversion of ROD permanent records 01-250
Approve AFSCME Contract for Parks Employees 01-251
Amend Resolution 01-59: Contracts to Implement a 340B Pharmacy Plan 01-252
Michigan State University: Child Care Information and Referral Services by OYC 01-253
MI Dept. of Agriculture: Hazardous Waste Facility 01-254
Kids Care of Michigan: Specialized Community Based Care Coordination Provider Agreement 01-255
MI FIA: Agreement to Support the Jumpstart Program 01-256
City of Lansing:2001-2002 Agreement 01-257
MI FIA: Amend Teen Parent Program Grant 01-258
MDCH: Second Amendment to 2000-2001 CPBC Agreement 01-259
Replace Lost Funds and Pay for Tire Recycling 01-260
MDCH: 2001-2002 Agreement for Delivery of Public Health Services 01-261
Authorize Amendments to 911 Emergency Telephone Service Plan 01-262
Honoring Emergency Planning Committee's Hazmat Team 01-263
Contract Lansing-Mason Area Ambulance Service for Inmate Transports 01-264
Accept Funds for Purchase of Bicycle 01-265
Accept $250.00 from Dart Container as Donation to D.A.R.E Account 01-266
Accept $50.00 from Colonial Village Baptist Church for Use by Dive Team 01-267
Accept Terrorism Consequence Management Preparedness Assistance Grant 01-268
Accept Supplemental Grant from MMRMA 01-269
Amend Resolution #00-304 to Extend Protempts Contract 01-270
HLH Towers: Lease Property at Jail to Remove and Construct New Communications
Tower 01-271
Ameritech: Local and Long Distance Service Inmate and Public Pay Phones 01-272
City of Lansing: Emergency Dispatch Advanced Tactical Mapping ATM Product Equipment 01-273
Condemning Terrorist Actions Against United States 01-274
Honoring Youth Development Corporation on 30th Anniversary 01-275
Honoring Patrick St. George 01-276
Designate October, 2001 as "Celiac Sprue Awareness Month: 01-277
Amend Board Rules to Allow Participation by Telephone 01-278
Authority for the County and Set Public Hearing Date 01-279
MDNR: Amendment #1 to Agreement to Develop Hawk Island County Park 01-280
Hedrick Associates: Replacement of Uninterrupted Power Supply in Computer Room 01-281
Hanieksi, John: Contract Extension, Economics Consulting Services 01-282
Resolution Establishing a Youth Commission   01-283
MDCH: Continue Contract for PA Domestic Violence Unit 01-284
Nextel Communications: Amend Resolution 01-145 for Health Department 01-285
Barry-Eaton District Health Department: Medical Direction and Consultation 01-286
Proclaim 2002 as the Year of 4-H 01-287
Designate October, 2001 as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" 01-288
Family Division: Transfer Funds for Truancy Court Project 01-289
Establish Fee for Preliminary Breath Test Administered by Court Order 01-290
Construct a Lactating Station at Sheriff's Office 01-291
Accept Winter Parkas from Williamston Rotary for Victim Advocates 01-292
Accept Federal Emergency Management Agency's Project Impact Grant 01-293
Honoring Colonel Dean Sienko 01-294
Amend Resolution 01-279, Change Public Hearing Date 01-295
Authorize Settlement and Additional Service Credit to Ellis Brumbaugh 01-296
Cross Lake Construction: Replace Boat Launch Ramp 01-297
Authorize Continuation of Health and Dental Insurance for Reservists 01-298
Authorize Adjustments to the 2001 Budget 01-299
MI FIA: 2001-2002 4C Agreement 01-300
MDEQ: 2001-2002 Environmental Health Services 01-301
Contract: Lansing-Mason Ambulance Service: ME Transports 01-302
Authorize Purchase of Prefabricated Storage Facility 01-303
In Support of Comprehensive Coverage for Medicaid Recipients in 1115 Waiver 01-304
Accept "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose" Grant from MOHSP 01-305
Accept 2000-2002 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant 01-306
Contract Renewal: BC/BS Self-Funded Program for Inmates 01-307
Meridian Township: Law Enforcement Aid Agreement 01-308
State Court Administrative Office: Next Generation Model Trial Courts Implementation Plan Grants 01-309
Rick Royston to 911 Advisory Committee 01-310
Limit Sale of Live Animals 01-311
Great Lakes Window Cleaning: Hilliard Building and Courthouse 01-312
Amend Resolution #94-93 to Include Changes in Purchasing Policies/Procedures 01-313
Authorize Reimbursement of Certain Special Election Expenses 01-314
Approve 2001 Apportionment Report 01-315
2002 Appropriations Resolution 01-316
Appoint Outside Auditor 01-317
Michigan Fitness Council 01-318
Establish Primary Care Physician Position 01-319
Authorize Contract with Meridian Township for Communication Equipment Upgrades 01-320
Community Corrections for the City 2001-2002 Fiscal Year 01-321
Honoring the Original Church of God on 75th Anniversary 01-322
John F. Hanieksi: Amend Contract for Economic Development Services 01-323
MDNR: Inland Fisheries Grant for Replacement of Heron Pond Fishing Dock 01-324
Contract with F.D, Hayes Electric and Adjust CIP Budget 01-325
Approve CBA with ICEA for Public Health Nurses 01-326
Lansing Ice & Fuel: Supply Fuel for County Owned Vehicles 01-327
Establish Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, County of Ingham 01-328
Authorize Cost/Revenue Analysis of Services Where User Fee is Assessed 01-329
Honoring James Little 01-330
David Cunningham to Equal Opportunity Committee 01-331
Kenneth Tableman to EDC Board of Directors 01-332
Robert Van Kirk to Youth Commission 01-333
Authorize Issuance of Sewage Disposal System Bonds (Alaiedon Township) 01-334
Authorize Additional Advance 01-335
Patricia Munshaw to Family Independence Agency Board 01-336
Lease with Sparrow Health System for Community Health Center 01-337
Kent County Health Department: Supportive Services to Health Plan 01-338
U.S. Justice Department: Community Violence Prosecution Program 01-339
U.S. Justice Department: Domestic Assault Response Team 01-340
Authorize Budget Transfer 01-341
Approve Change in Health Insurance Program for Managerial and Confidential 01-342
Amend Resolution 98-90 to Authorize Commissioner Alternate on EOC 01-343
Amend Resolution #00-281 to Increase Members Serving on Fair Board 01-344
Authorize Contingency Expenditure for Homelessness Prevention Challenge Grant 01-345
Create a Help Desk Specialist Position 01-346
Approve Bank Qualification of Sewage Disposal System Bonds (Alaiedon Twp). 01-347
Ron Clark to Mid South Substance Abuse Commission 01-348
Janine Sinna to Women's Commission 01-349
Observing December 1, 2001 as "World Aids Day" in Ingham County 01-350
Resolution Authorizing an Agreement Between Ingham County and the Capital Area Transportation Authority 01-351
Authorize Purchase of Laptop Computer 01-352
MDCH to Provide Birth Record Copies to Health Department 01-353
Amend Tobacco Reduction Grant Contract with American Legacy Foundation 01-354
Authorize 0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant with Children's Trust Fund 01-355
Capital Area Community Services to Expand Jump Start Program 01-356
Authorize Subcontracts for FY 2002 Programs 01-357
Authorize Appropriation and Budget Adjustments to Family Division, FOC and
Child Care Budgets 01-358
Accept Grant from Municipal Risk Management Authority for Defibrillator 01-359
Honoring Harry Dent 01-360
Amend 2001 Apportionment Report 01-361
Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 01-362
Resolution Amending Board Rules to Schedule Board of Commissioners Organizational Meeting 01-363
Honoring Joe Schmidt 01-364
Honoring Norman Austin 01-365
Honoring Robert K. Hosley 01-366
Honoring Stephen Manchaster 01-367
Support Local Safety Project in Meridian Township (Bennett and Hulett Roads) 01-368
Amend Soil Erosoin and Sedimentation Control Program Fee Schedule 01-369
Katherine Lancour to Environmental Affairs Commission 01-370
Mike Preslenik to Fair Board 01-371
Authorize Reorganization 01-372
Authorize Fees for Passport and CCW License Photos 01-373
Authorize Adjustments to 2001 Budget and Contrroller to Make Year End Adjustments 01-374
Request Development of Short Term Budget Reduction Strategies 01-375
Authorize Staff Changes in the Division of Health Plan Management 01-376
Recognize Additional Revenue and Authorize Three Positions 01-377
Amend License Fees with Ordinance 01-378
Contract with Highfields for Five-Day Attention Program 01-379
Contract with Peckham Vocational Industries for Delinquent Day Treatment Program 01-380
Contract with Peckham Vocational Industries for Crossroads After Hours Program 01-381
Contract with Michigan House Arrest Services for Electronic Monitoring Program 01-382
Contract with Highfields, Inc. for Start Program 01-383
Authorize Reorganization Within Intake Division 01-384
Resolution Regarding County Youth Homes 01-385
Authorize 2002 Agreements for Community Agencies 01-386
Authorize Agreement to Allow Crediting of Certain MERS Funds 01-387

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