Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

Ingham County is a welcoming, inclusive, peaceful, engaged, healthy and just community for all residents.

Our Mission

Ingham County will identify and provide high quality, easily accessible services that its residents value.  These services will be delivered by an ethical, well-trained workforce comprised of public servants in the most effective, collaborative way possible.

Our Values

Values guide the actions and behaviors of County leaders and employees in carrying out Ingham County programs, projects and policy development.

  • While providing County services and doing our work we value:
    • Quality resident services;
    • Accountability and fiscal responsibility;
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion;
    • Honesty, integrity and ethics; and
    • Creativity and innovation.
  • Our Goals

  • The Board of Commissioners developed goals and strategies that address six strategic issue areas:
    • Service to Residents.
    • Communication
    • Facilities and Infrastructure
    • Information Technology
    • Management, Finance and Governance
    • Human Resources and Staffing
  • Each of these six goals encompass many aspects and are interrelated.   For example, information technology has an impact on service to residents, as does finance, facilities, infrastructure, communication and staffing.