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Ingham County Board of Commissioners Selects 2023 Board Leadership

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners named their leadership and committee assignments for 2023 at their Organizational Meeting held on January 3.

Ryan Sebolt, D-Lansing, was elected to serve as the Chair of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners. Chris Trubac, D-Delhi Township, will serve as Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners, with Randy Maiville, R-Onondaga serving as Vice-Chairperson Pro-Tem.

“I appreciate the Board’s confidence in selecting me as Chair” stated Sebolt “I look forward to working towards a successful 2023.”

Committee assignments are as follows:

County Services Committee: Victor Celentino (Chair), Robert Peña (Vice-Chair), Mark Grebner, Ryan Sebolt, Gabrielle Lawrence, Randy Maiville, Karla Ruest

Finance Committee: Thomas Morgan (Chair), Mark Grebner (Vice-Chair), Todd Tennis, Ryan Sebolt, Mark Polsdofer, Robert Peña, Myles Johnson, Randy Maiville

Human Services Committee: Todd Tennis (Chair), Irene Cahill (Vice-Chair), Chris Trubac, Thomas Morgan, Karla Ruest, Monica Schafer

Law & Courts Committee: Mark Polsdofer (Chair), Gabrielle Lawrence (Vice-Chair), Victor Celentino, Chris Trubac, Irene Cahill, Myles Johnson, Monica Schafer

The Democratic Caucus is in the process of filling the vacant seat in District 13.

Liaison Committee and the Full Board of Commissioners meetings are held in-person and virtually via Zoom. Additional information regarding the Board Commissioners and their meetings is available at

Ingham County Board of Commissioners Selects 2023 Board Leadership