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New Wolves at the Zoo Named

Kamots and Tikanni are the official names for the two newly added Potter Park Zoo gray wolves that were decided by zoo staff after our Facebook fans were tasked with suggesting and voting on their top choices.   

“We have a rather large community of supporters on our social media channels,” said Sherrie Graham, director of Potter Park Zoo. “We thought this would be a great way for them make a decision that impacts the very animals they visit and interact with throughout the year.”

The wolves arrived from New York State Zoo late 2014 where they were slowly introduced to Tala, our female gray wolf. A social media contest was then launched asking Potter Park Zoo Facebook fans (that's YOU!) to offer and vote on possible names. The Jan. 7 post asking for input received over 1,200 suggestions. Top names, determined by likes, were then passed to our zoo staff where the final decision for names was made.

“We are excited to have received such a large volume of interest and suggestions,” said Cynthia Wagner, our Animal Curator. “It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but we feel Kamots and Tikanni are a good representation of our newest additions.”

Kamots (Kuh-MOTZ), meaning “freedom” in the Blackfoot tribe, was the name of the Sawtooth Pack alpha male. The most confident wolf, Kamots was vigilant and led with intelligence and benevolence. Tikanni (Tee-Kah-Nee), alternatively spelled Tikaani, is an Inuit word for wolf. Both wolves share a habitat with Tala, and are now on exhibit year round.

We look forward to seeing you at the zoo!

New Wolves at the Zoo Named