Resolutions by Subject

Appoint Special Committee to Select Controller/Administrator  10-01
Honoring Mike Prelesnik for Service to Fair Board  10-02
Honoring Robert Hamlin for Service to Fair Board. 10-03
Honoring Randy Gladstone for Service to Historical Commission  10-04
Honoring Joann Kinne for Service to Fair Board  10-05

Appoint Douglas Stover as County Grant Administrator for 2010 Project  10-06
Ronnie M. Lester: County Representative for 2010 Re-Monumentation Project     10-07
Perfitt Excavting: Parking Lot Conditioning – Lake Lansing Park South. 10-08
Matrix Consulting Engineers: Boiler Replacement at HSB and Jail.  10-09
Y Site, LLC:  Parking Spaces for Employee Parking (VMC/GPB)  10-10
Authorize Modifications to Managerial/Confidential Personnel Manual for 2010 and 2011 10-11
Purchase Exagrid Systems Backup Appliance from CDW-G.  10-12
AT&T: Purchase of Local and Long Distance Phone Services  10-13
Continuant, Inc.: Avaya Phone System Maintenance.  10-14
Purchase Wireless Link from AT&T for Ingham County Fair.10-15
Purchase Audio-over-UP Solution from Tel Systems for HSB  10-16

Encourage Employee Voluntary Time Off without Pay  10-17 
MI Primary Care Association: Financial Support for AmeriCorp Position 10-18
MI Department of Agriculture: Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program.  10-19
MI Department of Community Health:  Federally Qualified Health Center  10-20
Agreement with State of Michigan : Health Center Alternative Payment Agreement  10-21
Commercial Health Insurers:  Provider Agreements  10-22
Capital Area United Way:  Amend Collaborative Agreement  10-23
Eaton Intermediate School District : Prevent/Reduce Tobacco Use  10-24
Capital Area Community Services: Family Outreach Services Program  10-25
Shiawassee Regional Education Services District: OYC Staff Support to Head Start Program 10-26
Honoring Barbara Buck  10-27
Attorney Louis Kafantaris:  Attorney Services for Probate Court. 10-28
Attorney Michael Staake: Attorney Services for Probate Court. 10-29
Homeland Security:  Core Technology for Sharing of Law Enforcement Data  10-31
Authorize New Status Control Panel for East Lansing 911 Center.  10-3
Contract Pharmacy Services: Pharmacy Services to Ingham County Jail.  10-33
Westlaw Electronic Law Library:  Access  for Various County Departments, Office and Courts 10-34
Honoring Janeil K. Valentine   10-35
Recognizing “Black History/Cultural Diversity Month” in Ingham County  10-36
Adopt the  Zoo Master Plan  10-37

Accept 2009 Home Grant Funding from MSHDA for $400,000   10-38

Fred D. Todd: Professional Services in Search for Controller/Administrator  10-39
Authorizing Visitor Incentive Programs  10-40
Adopt Group Rates, School Pre-pay Rates and Adjust Senior Non-Resident Rate. 10-41
Contract with Kares Construction: Zoo Eagle Owl Exhibit  10-42
Authorize a Fund Transfer to the Zoological Society  10-43
Authorize Staff to Develop and Implement a Road Construction Strategy  10-44

Accept Incentive Payment from Consumers Energy Business Solutions Program.   10-45
Approve 2010 Amendment to the Brownfield Redevelopment Plan for Parcels in Lansing City Only    10-46
Authorize Budget Adjustment for Rhino Project     10-47
Authorize Agreement with the Teamsters for Potter Park Zoo Supervisory Unit   10-48
Reorganize Selected Positions and Add Staff to Drain Office   10-49
Amend 2010 Budget, Extend 2010 Hiring Delay, Implement Hiring Freeze for General Fund Positions   10-50
Implement Long-Term Reductions to Reduce Budget in 2010 and Beyond  10-51
Establish Two Positions in Support of HIV Prevention Activities   10-52

Blue Cross Blue Shield: 2009-2010 Schedule A Addendum, Services for Jail Inmates  10-53
Authorize Professional Services Agreements with Dentists, Services at Jail  10-54
Authorize Memorandum of Understanding, Accept Support Grant from Corporation for National and Community Service for Support of VISTA Project Coordinator. 10-55
Amend Administrative Services Agreement with BCBS for Medical Services at Jail. 10-56

Advisory Board,  Jerry Clark     10-57

House Arrest Services, Inc    10-58
Amend Resolution 09-418, Approving Various Contracts for 2010 Budget Year  10-59
MMRMA: Purchase Digital In-car Cameras for Sheriff’s Department   10-60
Amend Current Delhi Township Police Services Agreement     10-61
Westaff: CCAB Staff Consultant Services    10-62
MDOC: Extend Contract for Rent of 190 Beds at the Jail         10-63

MCOLES: Active Violence Incident Training Grant  10-64
Accept Bequest of $10,000 for the Animal Care Fund   10-65
Honoring Retired Deputy Dorian Davis    10-66
Adopt Ordinance Amending Animal Control Ordinance to  Delete Provision Prohibiting Barking Dogs.   10-67

Approve Settlement Agreement Regarding Infinity Networks, Inc. (Local and Long Distance Service
      for Inmate and Public Pay Telephones    10-68

Authorize Operating Budget Adjustment to Complete Fundraising Study 10-69
Dietz Janitorial: Amend Cleaning Contract at HSB, GPB/VMC, Willow , ICHD and Family Center  10-70
Authorize Collective Bargaining Agreement, MNA: Nurse Practitioners/Clinic Nurses  10-71
AT & T: PRI/ISDN Phone Service 10-72
Adopt Budget Calendar for 2011     10-73          
Midland Co. Educational Services Agency: Great Start Child Care Quality Improvement Plan  10-74
Genesee County Health Department: Reduce African American Infant Mortality. 10-75
National Association of County and City Health Officials: Achieve Grant.  10-76
Authorize Receipt of Donations for Capital City Veterans Day Tribute   10-77
Imagesoft: Amend Purchase of Imaging Application for Prosecutors Office  10-78
Project for Wireless Communication System  10-79
Approve Legacy Cost Agreements: Ingham County/Lansing/East Lansing Dispatch Center 10-80
Designating April 1, 2010 as Census Day  10-81
Honoring Taylor Hartner  10-82
Supporting Efforts of Local Communities to Bring “Google Fiber Communities” to the 
Greater Lansing Region  10-83
Congratulating Chief Mark Alley  10-84
Authorize an Increase of Certain Fees  
Nelson Trane:  Renewal for Air Cooled Rotary Screw Water Chiller at HRB   10-86
Teachout Security Services:  Renewal for Security Services at Various Buildings   10-87
Clark, Trombley, Randers :  Engineering Services for Birdhouse Exhibit  10-88

Authorizing 2010 Administrative Fund  10-89
2010 Borrowing Resolution 10-90
Designate March 2010 as “Certified Government Financial Manager Month”  10-91
Supporting Legal Services of South Central Michigan in Their Efforts to Broaden the Awareness
   of the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children 10-92
Honoring Sally Herriff   10-93
Amend Ingham Health Plan Corporation Administrative Services Agreement  10-94
Accept 2008 Homeland Security Grant Program Funds from City of Lansing  10-95
Donovan & Smith Marketing and Media:  Fundraising Campaign for Animal Control.  10-96
Authorize Battery Replacement Project for the Wireless Voice Communication System   10-97
Luminosity Solutions:  Review of Ingham County Criminal Justice System  10-98
Ordinance Amending the Ingham County Open Space Purchase of Development Rights  10-99
Approve Selection Criteria (Scoring System) 2010 Application Cycle   10-100
Approve Selection Criteria (Scoring System) 2010 Edition.   10-101
Supporting the 2010-2013 Revised Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy  10-102
Appointing an Interim Controller/Administrator  10-103

Honoring Dr. Matthew J. Myers on the Event of his Retirement10-104
Honoring the 2010 State Arbor Day Celebration10-105
Authorize Establishment of the Position of Investigator in the Managerial and Confidential
 Employee Group  10-106
Approve Agreement with the ICEA Professional Court Employees  10-107

Accepting Donations and Authorizing the Purchase and Installation of Light Fixtures for the Lake Lansing Community Band Shell  10-108
Authorize the Jail Alternative Sentencing Program Budget10-109
Cusak’s Masonry Restoration, Inc.:  Provide Tuck Pointing Services at the
 Veteran’s Memorial Courthouse 10-110
Nelson Trane:  Renewal for the Air-Cooled Rotary Screw Water Chillers at the Ingham County County Services Building.  10-111
Cisco IP Telephony Call Manager:  Approve Renewal of the Cisco IP Telephony/Call 
Manager Server Annual Support Agreement from Netarx.   10-112
Urging Implementation of the State Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Allocation  Formula 10-113
Honoring Laura Peterson  10-114
Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission:  Authorizing the Transfer of Funds to the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission and a 2010 Contract for Accounting.   10-115
Northwest Initiative:  Authorizing a Contract Between Northwest Initiative and Ingham County Health    Department    10-116
American Cancer Society:  Amend the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) Subcontract.    10-117

Resolution Amending the Ingham County Board Rules  10-118
Congratulating the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau.   10-119
Proclaiming April 28, 2010 as “Workers Memorial Day”.   10-120
Appointing the Ingham County Controller/Administrator   10-121
Increase the Fees for Certified Copies of Vital Records.   10-122
Purchase an Identiphoto 550CW Card System for CCW Permits.  10-123
Authorize the Transfer of Funds from the Treasurer’s Office and to Authorize a Temporary Employee  10-124
Authorize Service Contracts for the Purpose of Conducting Personal Service Visits  10-125
Conversion of Vacant MIS Deputy Director Position to Application Developer/Business  Analyst  10-126
Honoring Blake Parmer    10-127
Adopt the 2010 County Equalization Report as Submitted with Accompanying Statements 10-128
Designating County Representatives at State Tax Commission Hearings  10-129
Establishing Areas of Priority Emphasis Guiding 2011 Activities and Budget Process  10-130
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2010 Ingham County Budget  10-131
Honoring National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day10-132
Submit a Special Millage Question for a Countywide Transportation System Primarily for the
Disabled and Elderly  10-133
Conduct Inspections of Restaurants, Bars and Workplaces to Monitor Full Compliance of   The Smoke Free Air Law10-134
Health Management Associates:  Assist with Medicaid Reconciliation   10-135
MI Department of Community Health:  Address Root Causes of Health Disparity  10-136
State University
Extension Services:  Extension of Training   10-137
Intermediate School District
:  Extend Agreement Great Start Collaborative  10-138
Patriot Services Corporation: Conduct an After Action Review of the H1N1 Immunization Campaign.10-139
Honoring Dianne Cassle   10-140
Authorize Funds for a Replacement Vehicle    10-141

MSU 4-H Youth Development Program for Enhanced Programming at Ingham County Family Center 10-142
Authorize Re-Organization to Reclassify a Lieutenant Position to a Sergeant Position  10-143
MI Department of Human Services to Authorize a Juvenile Accountability Block  10-144
Participate in the Michigan Emergency Management Assistance Compact (MEMAC)  10-145
MI State Police:  2008 State Homeland Security Regional Planner Grant10-146
State of Michigan:  Grant for an Indoor Security Camera System for the Sheriff’s Office  10-147
Police Services:  Extend Current Agreement  10-148
Authorize $600.00 Donation from Holt Lions Club to Purchase “Faces” Software from I.Q. Biometrix.10-149
US Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General:  Agreement for Purpose of Receiving    Reimbursable Costs for Providing Resources for a Joint Dog Fighting Operation. 10-150
Joseph Leppanen, D.V.M.:  Authorize Animal Control Shelter Veterinary Services  10-151
National Council on Alcoholism:  Subcontract to Provide Cognitive Change Group Sessions with    PA511 Community Corrections Funding for FY 2009-2010.  10-152

Resolution to Establish the Law and Order Fund (LOFT) for Technology and Dissolve the IJIGS  Committee and Pit Crew 10-153
Authorize Project Labor Agreement for Rhino Exhibit Expansion Project  10-154
Authorize Real Steel Production to use Mason Courthouse for Filming Movie Scenes  10-155
Authorize Contract with Myers Plumbing & Heating for Boiler at the Jail and HSB  10-156
Boynton Fire Service:  Provide Fire Prevention at County Facilities10-157
Adopting the Deficit Elimination Plan for the Ingham County Fair Fund   10-158
Additional Funding for the Revolving Drain Fund (Fund 802). 10-159
Authorize Sparrow Occupational Health as County’s Occupational Health Services Provider  10-160
Authorize Contract with Maximus for the Preparation of the County-Wide Child Care Cost
Allocation Plans  10-161
Authorize Charitable Donation from Marjorie Hahn Trust.  10-162
Authorize Administering the Ingham County Community Agency Process and Make Funding    Recommendations to the Board of Commissioners  10-163
Michigan Department of Community Health:  Authorize Amendment #3 2009-2010 Comprehensive
Planning Agreement  10-164
Tri-County Office on Aging:  Agreement Enabling Ingham County Health Department as Lead
Agency Assuring Classes Offered to Adults in the Community  10-165

Authorize Realignment of Health Department Programs and Administrative Structure 10-166
Distribute $1,000 of Drug Forfeiture Funds to Contract with the Mid Michigan
       Crime Stoppers Program 10-167

Honoring Calvin Lynch  10-168
Fair Board, Anita Dawson  10-169
Bergman, Inc.:  Fundraising Source ID Study for the Potter Park Zoo 10-170
Authorize Father’s Day Visitor Incentive Program  10-171
Modernistic Lansing, LLC:  Carpet Cleaning at Various County Facilities  10-172
Great Lakes Window Cleaning:  Extending Contract at Various County Facilities 10-173
H & C Earthworks & Construction, LLC:  Concrete Repair Work at Mason Courthouse 10-174
PM Technologies:  Provide Back up Generator Services for Various County Facilities 10-175
Updating Various Fees for County Services  10-176
Congratulating Donna Hobart on the Event of her Retirement from the Tri-County Office On Aging  10-177
Honoring Karen Butler  10-178
Adopt the 2011 Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process Calendar   10-179
Authorize Indoor Security Camera System for the Sheriff’s Office  10-180
Authorize a Fair Adult Refreshment Tent10-181
Full Faith and Credit to Cluckey, Hearthside Acres Branch Drain Drainage District 2010 Notes.  10-182
Full Faith and Credit to Blakslee Drain Drainage District 2010 Notes  10-183
Resolution to Authorize Service Contracts for Conducting Title Searches. 10-184
Utilize the County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Property   10-185
Limited Tax Pledge for Land Bank Fast Track Authority Series 2007 Note and Series 2009A Note  10-186
Resolution Authorizing Commissioner Compensation for 2011 and 2012  10-187
Authorize Funds for Legal Services Requested by the Ingham County Road Commission   10-188
City of Mason:  Lease/Option to Purchase Agreement for Rayner Park.10-189
MI Dept. of Community Health:  Authorize Amendment #4 to the 2009-2010 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting Agreement 10-190
Agreement with MSU to Delegate Certain Environmental Health Responsibilities10-191
Advisory board, Bryan Van Dorn  10-192
Authorize Purchase of IP-Video Surveillance Cameras for the Ingham County Jail  10-193

Approve Purchase of a New Animal Shelter Application from Multiple Options  10-194
Community Oriented Policing Servicing:  Hiring Program  10-195
Honoring Donna Old on the Event of her Retirement from the Lansing School District  10-196
Honoring Lucile Belen  10-197
Honoring Susan Kosier on the Event of Her Retirement  10-198
Honoring Teresa Borsuk on the Event of Her Retirement 10-199
Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act10-200
Professional Roofing Services, Inc.:  Contract to Replace the Roof in the Bird and Reptile    House at Potter Park Zoo.   10-201
Delta Electrical Contractors of Lansing, Inc.:  Install New Emergency Notification System  For the Fairgrounds  10-202
MERS:  Correct Existing MERS Plan for Zoo Employees Transferred from the City of Lansing10-203
MERS: Adopt Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan Defined Benefit Programs10-204, 10-205
Approving Criteria for Ranking 2011 Applications for Community Agency Funding   10-206
Health Center
:  Authorize a Five-Year Lease Agreement  10-207
Maximus:  Termination of Contract Between Maximus and Friend of the Court  10- 208
MGT of America, Inc.:  Contract with Friend of the Court  10-209

Application for Community Corrections     Programs for FY 2010-2011  10-210
Honoring Milton Scales on the Event of His Retirement. 10-211
Honoring Susan M. C. Pigg for Her Service to Ingham County 02-212
Urging Implementation of the State Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Allocation  Formula 10-113
Lower Threshold to $1,000-Ingham County Financial Reporting Capitalization.10- 214
Authorizing Release of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication  10-215
Honoring Dr. Susan Applegate Krouse02-216
FOSP Submit Application to FRPP  10-217
Cooperative Agreement Between USA and Ingham County for the Implementation of the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program  10-218
Granger Construction:  Contract with Potter Park Zoo for Rhino Project 10-219
Amendment #1 Trust Fund Project for Expansion of Lake Lansing Park-North  10-220
Amendment #2 to Develop a Snow Tubing Hill at Hawk Island Park  10-221
Myers Plumbing and Heating, Inc.:  Contract for Potter Park Zoo Bird and Reptile Building 10-222
Certifying Representatives for the MERS Annual Meeting10-223
Collective Bargaining Agreement with the ICEA Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 10-224
Approving Letter  of Understanding with the ICEA Park Rangers10-225
Special Millage Question for Potter Park Zoo and Potter Park Millage Renewal.10-226
Resolution Amending the 2010 Budget10-227
Approving Tri-County Office on Aging's Annual Implementation Plan for FY 2011   10-228
Authorize Contingency Appropriation  10-229
Honoring Debby Starnes. 02-230
Authorize an Amendment of the Memorandum of Understanding for the “Early On” Program10-231
Authorize a Letter of Understanding with the Ingham ISD for Early On Services10-232
Urging Governor Granholm to Restore the Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit10-233
Expectant Parents Organization:  Contract for Services 10-234
Public Sector Consultants:  Authorize a Contract to Conduct a Community Needs Assessment  10-235
Authorize Renovation of the Adult Health Center.  10-236
Sparrow Health System:  Authorize Amendments to Two Lease Agreements  10-237
Primary Care Association:  Letter of Agreement to Complete Preparedness Surveys For Community Health Centers  10-238
Credit Bureau Collection Services, Inc. (CBCS):  Collection of Delinquent Debt Held by the
      Circuit Court.  10-239
Authorize Expanded Funding for the Ingham Academy  10-240
Authorize Funds for Additional Transportation and Equipment Needs at the Ingham County
Center 10-
Approve Extended Police Services Agreement with the Village of Webberville Covering  the Period of July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011  10-242
City of Lansing:  Interlocal Agreement to Accept an Allocation for the 2010 Local Jag Grant10-243

JUCC Evaluate the Luminosity Solutions Report to Manage the Jail Population  10-244
Honoring Sergeant Brian Valentine for His Dedicated 25 Years of Law Enforcement.02-245
September 27, 2010 “Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children”  10-246
Authorize Adjustment to the 2010 Capital Improvement Budget.  10-247
Tomco Asphalt:  Parking Lot Improvements at the Ingham County Family Center. 10-248
Cusack’s Masonry Restoration, Inc.:  Tuck Pointing at VMC. 10-249
Sparrow Occupational Health Services:  Occupational Health Services to Ingham County. 10-250
Letter of Understanding with the Fraternal Order of Police Correction Officers.   10-251
Letter of Understanding with the Fraternal Order of Police Animal Control Officers 10-252
UAW Zoo Unit:  Collective Bargaining Agreement  10-253
Resolution to Approve Purchase of AT&T’s OPT-E-Man Service to Replace Current T-1 Circuits  10-254
Approve Accepting $22,800 In Polycom Video Conferencing from (SCAO) for Video Conferencing.10-255
Creation of a Full Time Economic Development Coordinator Position within the Controller’s Office. 10-256
Provide Funding for Low Income Tax Preparation.  10-257
Provide United Way 211 with Funding for Tax Foreclosure Prevention Efforts.  10-258
Authorize Treasurer to Apply for Select Employee Group Membership at the MSUFCU..  10-259
Honoring Chris A. Baryames    10-260
Honoring Dr. Clarence Underwood  10-261
Congratulating Marge Showerman on Being Selected “2010 Webberville Citizen of the Year”.  10-262
Honoring Dorothy Merrick.  10-263
Authorize an Agreement with the Lansing School District to Operate School-Based Health Centers  10-264
Authorize Construction of a Therapy Pool at the Medical Care Facility  10-265
Authorize a 2010-2011 Americorps Grant  10-266
Authorize Amendment #5 to the 2009-2010 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting & Contracting Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health  10-267
MI Department of Community Health $100,000 Grant for School Wellness Program at Willow Health Center & Create Associated Positions..  10-268
Authorize Intergovernmental Transfer of Ingham County Funds to Support DSH Payments to Ingham Regional Medical Center & Sparrow Health Systems  10-269
Authorize 2010-2011 Public Health Service Agreement with the Ingham Health Plan Corporation  10-270
Adopt the 2011 Ingham County Health Department Discount and Nominal Fee Schedule 10-271
Educational Service Agency:  Amend Contract. 10-272
Authorize Amendment to the Lease and Renovation of the Facility at 5656 South Cedar Street  10-273
Approve the Purchase of an IP Telephony Contact Center System for Health Plan Management Srvs.10-274
Authorize Contract with Nextgen for Patient Management and Electronic Health Record Software Systems.  10-275
Authorize Entering Into a Contract for Attorney Services for Juvenile Delinquency & Truancy Matters 10-276
Authorize Acceptance of a Cash Award for MSU Adolescent Diversion Project 10-277
Authorize Contract with Dr. Edward Latessa & Subcontracts with Peckham & Sequel Youth and Family Services 10-278
City of Lansing:  Allocation of Funds to Ingham County/City of Lansing Community Corrections for the City 2010-2011 Fiscal Year. 10-279
Imagesoft Corporation:  Imaging Project & a Reorganization within Prosecutor’s Office 10-280
& East Lansing:  Authorizing 911 Center FY 2010/2011 Operations  10-281

State of MI Emergency Management Performance Grant for FY 2010.  10-282
Participate in the Preparation of a Tri-County Region Hazard Mitigation Plan by the Tri-County Regional     Planning Commission.  10-283
Intergovernmental Agreement to Share in the Cost of New Phone Technology.  10-284
Recognizing August 26, 2010 as Women’s Equality Day in Ingham County  10-285

Honoring Oliver Tessmer  10-286
Designating “Michigan Indian Day” in Ingham County  10-287
Honoring the Members of the Ingham County Complete Count Committee  10-288
Honoring Ian Faulkner Campbell10-289
Designating September 15-October 15, 2010 as Hispanic Heritage Month in Ingham County  10-290
Authorizing the Acceptance of a Lansing Public Access Capacity Building Grant for Video and Editing
Equipment of the Potter Park Zoo. 10-291
Authorizing Modification to the Vacation Provision of the Managerial/Confidential Personnel Manual for 2010 and 2011 10-292

Approve the Purchase of an AT&T T-1 Circuit from the Ingham County Sheriff’s
   Office to Delhi Township10-293
Approve the Purchase of a PRI/ISDN Circuit for MIS from AT&T  10-294
Approve a Maintenance Agreement with Nationwide Power for the Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit in the Ingham County Data Center  10-295
Public Hearing on an Amendment #2 to the Ingham County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority’s Plan for the Redevelopment of Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority Parcels
 in the City of Lansing Only. 10-296
Authorizing a Contract with Stauder, Barch & Company to Perforrn Financial Consulting on the 2010 Grady Porter Bonds Refinancing. 10-297
Authorizing a Contract with Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone to Perform Legal Services on the 2010 Grady Porter Bonds Refinancing.  10-298
Authorizing Issuance and Sale of Refunding Bonds.   10-299
Recovery Zone Development Bond Allocation for the Ingham County 911 Center. 10-300
Extend the Hiring Freeze for all Ingham County Positions10-301
Honoring Frank Rider  10-302
Appointment to the Mid-South Substance Abuse Advisory Council  10-303
Amendment to the Contract with the Ionia County Health Department for Medical Direction and Program Consultation 10-304
Public Health Services Agreement with Michigan State University’s Olin Health Center  10-305
Agreements with Capital Area Community Services to Serve Early Head Start Children Through the Family Outreach Services Program.  10-306
Memorandum of Agreement to Increase the Number of Cost-Share Americorps*Vista Members During 2010-2011, and Authorizing a Support Grant for Coordinator Wage Support. 10-307

Accept $275,000 Grant Award from the Michigan Department of Community Health to Provide Continuum of Care Services to Persons Infected with HIV/AIDS and to Establish an Assistant Social Worker Position to Carry out the Grant Required Functions  10-308
Support of the Michigan Good Food Charter  10-309
Resolution to Amend Resolution #10-26810-310
Authorize an Amended 2010-2011 Americorps Grant  10-311
Resolution to Create a Physician Assistant Position  10-312
Authorizing 2011 Agreements for Juvenile Justice Community Agencies  10-313
Resolution to Utilize Telephonic Conference Services Provided by Courtcall for the Circuit Court  10-314

Authorizing the Ingham County Building Authority to Proceed with the Ingham County Consolidated 911 Dispatch Center Project and to Authorize a Project Labor Agreement (PLA)  10-315
Authorizing an Extension of the Infrastructure Maintenance Agreement with Harris Corporation for the Ingham County Public Safety Radio System  10-316

Resolution to Change the Fiscal Year for the Community Corrections Fund (#267)  10-317
Contract with Dr Jerry Gallagher for Psychological Services for the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office for Screening of New Applicants Who are Given Conditional Job Offers and for Post Traumatic Stress Reviews for Deputies  10-318
Authorize the Purchase of Digital In-Car Camera Systems for Three (3) Ingham County Shefiff’s Office Patrol Vehicles   10-319
Accept a 2010 Rap Grant from MMRMA for Purchasing Four (4) Training Room TV Monitors for the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit  10-320
Enter into a Contract with Grand Valley Automation, Inc. for the Purpose of Providing a Facility Control and Communications System at the Ingham County Jail.  10-321
Authorize Reorganization within the Ingham County Clerk’s Office    10-322
Approving the 2010 Amendment #2 to the Brownfield Redevelopment Plan for Ingham County Land Bank      Authority Parcels in Lansing City Only  10-323
Honoring Grant Gauthier-Smith  10-324
Accept the Recommendation of the Ingham County Health Care Coalition for Employee Benefits for 2011 and   Authorizing Letters of Agreement with Bargaining Units 10-325
Authorize the Health Insurance Benefits to be Offered to Medicare Eligible Retirees in 201110-326
Revising the Existing Travel, Vehicle and Employees Reimbursement Policy  10-327
Approving Building Authority Contract and Notice for the Ingham County Consolidated 911 Dispatch Center    Project.   10-328
Participate in the Michigan Department of Corrections Fiscal Year 2010-2011 County Jail Reimbursement     Program (CJRP) and to Select Option A as the Ingham County Reimbursement Option  10-329
Approve the 2010 Apportionment Report    10-330
Authorizing the Fifth Amendment to the Agreement with the Capital Area Transportation Authority Dated      January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2010.  10-331
Authorize Administrative Support Services Agreements with County Health Plans   10-332
Amend the Dietz Cleaning Service Contract.  10-333
Authorize a 2010-2011 Agreement with the Department of Community Health for the Delivery of Public Health  Services Under the Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting (CPBC) Process 10-334
ngham County Sheriff’s Office to accept Five (5) New FC 10 Preliminary Breath Testers from the Michigan      State Police Alcohol Enforcement Grant   10-335
Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to accept Funds from Ingham Regional Healthcare Foundation/Ingham      Regional Medical Center, Honoring Sergeant Robert Ott as the 2010 Tri-County Law Enforcement Hero      Award  10-336
Grant from the U.S. Justice Department for a Domestic Assault Response Team Program and to Authorize Subcontracts with Agency Partners.  10-337
Limited Tax Pledge for Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Bonds  10-338
Approving Closing on Webb, Haynes and Clark Farms  10-339
Accepting $502,667.00 and Approving Cooperative Agreement No. 735D211043 Amendment
1 Between the  United States of America and Ingham County for the Implementation of the
 Federal Farm and Ranchland  Protection Program  10-340
Authorizing the Purchase of an Accessible Fishing Dock for Lake Lansing Park-South  10-341
Authorizing the Approval of Amendment #2 to the Michigan Resources Trust Fund Project Agreement for the    Expansion of Lake Lansing Park-North  10-342

Insured Workers’ Compensation Insurance through December 31, 2011  10-343
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2010 Ingham County Budget   10-344
Ingham County 2011 General Appropriations Resolution  10-345
Authorize a 2010-2011 Agreement with the City of Lansing  10-346
Amend Resolution #10-270 – Public Health Services Agreement   10-347
Appointing James D. Banner, D.O., Brian Hunter, M.D., and Allecia Wilson, M.D. as Deputy Medical        Examiners and to Authorize Contracts.  10-348
Amend the Resolution Updating Fees for County Services   10-349
Authorizing Acceptance of a Michigan Drug Court Grant for the Ingham County Family Dependency      Treatment Court  10-350
Authorize a Michigan Community Service Commission Americorps Grant Position Placement for the Family    Division of Circuit Court    10-351
Authorizing the Ingham County 55th District Court to Accept two Grant Awards from the Michigan Supreme     Court’s State Court Administrative Office – Michigan Drug Court Grant Program (SCAO-MDCGP) and     The Office of Highway Safety (SCAO-OHSP).   10-352
Authorizing a Contract with GAV Associates, Inc. to Provide Architectural & Engineering Services for    Renovations to the Ingham County Family Center.  10-353
Accepting a 2010 Technology Grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services 10-354
Contract with Visionair, not to exceed $250,000 for the County Wide Booking System 10-355
Authorizing a Contract with Rehmann Robson for Consulting and Software Development to assist the Ingham      County Financial Services Department 10-356
Adopt a Policy on Cost Increases for Services Related Contracts in Ingham County  10-357
Approve the Purchase of a 1GB Fiber Network Connection from Arialink
to the Ingham County Family Center  10-358
Amending the Ingham County Local Purchasing Preference Policy  10-359
Transfer all Unsold Tax Reverted Properties Rejected by Local Units of the Ingham County Land Banks Fast     Track Authority  10-360
Honoring the Lansing Housing Commission for its Smoke Free Policies  10-361
Contract with Claimremedi, Inc. for Claims Clearinghouse  and Eligibility Services  10-362
Authorizing the First Amendment to the Agreement with the Capital Area Transportation Authority Dated       January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2015  10-363
Authorizing 2011 Agreements for Community Agencies 10-364

Making an Appointment to the Equal Opportunity Committee.  10-365
Honoring Norm Austin for his years of Service with the City of Mason Fire Department  10-366
Authorizing Entering into a Contract with Landscape Architects & Planners, Inc. for the Engineering of the       Hawk Island Tubing Hill.  10-367
Authorizing a Contract with Michigan Supply Company for the Purchase of Programmable Water       Technology  10-368
Contract for Commercial and Industrial Appraisals for the Ingham County Equalization Department 10-369
Amend the 2010 Apportionment Report  10-370

Approving various Contracts for the 2011 Budget Year  10-371
Honoring Patricia Sonnenberg 10-372
Authorize an Amendment to the Agreement with the Regents of the University of Michigan for the Provision        of  Dental Services  10-373
Authorize 2010-2011 Provider Contracts with the Ingham Health Plan Corporation  10-374
Authorize an Amendment to the Nurse Practitioner Services Agreement with Michigan State University      College of Nursing  10-375
Approve the Purchase of Courtroom Technology from Tel Systems for the Circuit Court, District Court,      Probate Court, Friend of the Court and Family Court     10-376
Support of Williamstown Township Police Services Transition     10-377
Accept a Grant from the State of Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) to purchase MicrosoftViso Programs for Traffic Accident Reporting  10-378 
Enter into a Contract with the City of Lansing and to Accept the 2009 Homeland Security Grant Program     Funds  10-379 
Authorizing a Receive Site Tower Generator Improvements Project for the Public Safety Wireless Voice       Communication System   10-380
Appointments to the Potter Park Zoo Advisory Board   10-381
Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  10-382
Honoring Ryan McGuire  10-383
Authorizing the Ingham County Board of Commissioners to continue as a member of the Lansing Area      Economic Partnership (LEAP)   10-384
Authorizing a one year contract extension with Sheridan Land Consulting to provide technical assistance to      The Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board  10-385
Rescinding resolution #10-340 and accepting $607,326.00 and approving cooperative agreement no.       735D211043 amendment 1 between the United States of America and Ingham County for the       Implementation of the Federal Farm and Ranch Lands protection program  10-386
Authorizing the transfer of funds from the 208 Parks operating fund to the City of Mason  10-387
Approve the purchase of a fiber optic connection to Otto Clinic from Arialink  10-388
Entering into an agreement with Imagesoft, Inc. for annual maintenance of the onbase imaging
 application  10-389
Authorize start-up funds for the new Flex Spending account vendor  10-390
Authorize imprest funds for the Jail’s new inmate trust account system  10-391
Authorizing an appropriation from the 2010 County Contingency fund for legal representation in the case of     Ingham County Prosecutor v. 30th Circuit Court Judge Court of Appeals no. 301037  10-392
Authorizing the Controller to make year end budget adjustments  10-393

Extend the Cooperative Operational agreement with the Ingham County Health Center Board  10-394
Honoring Susan O’Shea, Administrator, Ingham County Medical Care Facility, on the event of her ‘       Retirement10-395
Authorizing A Memorandum Of Agreement With The Corporation For National And Community Service For The  5th Year Of The Power Of We Consortium’s Vista Project  10-396
Amend the agreement with the college of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University for an infectious     Disease physician  10-397
Authorize an agreement with the Shiawassee regional education services district to retain the services of the      Office for Young Children to Lead the Great Start Collaborative Iniative in Shiawassee County  10-398
Authorize an Agreement with the Shiawassee Regional Education Services District to Retain the Services of the  Office for Young Children to Provide Early Head Start Services in Shiawassee County  10-399
Authorize A Moving Our Community Toward Health Grant  10-400
Authorize a Lead Abatement Subcontract with Environmental Testing Consulting, Inc.  10- 401
Authorize a Professional Services Agreement with a Dentist for Services at the Jail  10-402
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists for 2011  10-403
Establish a 1.0 FTE Public Health Nurse in Children’s Special Healthcare Services.   10-404
Accept an Award for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness for the Michigan Department
of Community Health.  10-405
Authorize an agreement with Sparrow Hospital for Medical Examiner Services 10-406
Authorizing a contract extension with Securus technologies for Local and Long Distance services for the       Inmate telephones.  10-407
Authorizing a Revised infrastructure Maintenance Agreement with Harris Corporation for the Ingham County       Public Safety Radio System. 10-408
Conditionally amend the Sheriff’s Office 2011 Budget to assist in the Police Services
contracts transition 10-409


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