Resolutions in Numerical Order

Ronnie Lester and Wolverine Engineers and Surveyors, Inc. for                                       
     Services as Monumentation Surveyor  ........06-009
Amended Per Resolution                 06-070
Authorize Grant Contract with Ingham County/City of  Lansing Youth Violence 
Prevention Coalition/ Ingham County MSU Extension and Michigan Department 
 of Human Resources                    06-011
Michigan Dept of Agriculture:  Amend Clean Sweep Pesticide Collection Program Agreement      06-012
MDCH:  Amendment #1 to 2005-2006 CPBC Agreement              06-013
Penn Dental Clinic:  Amend Resolution #05-319 and Renegotiate Lease Agreement         06-014
Authorize Contracts with Neighborhood Centers              06-016
Authorize Understanding w/Organizations for Use of Facilities in Event of a Public
  Health Emergency            06-018
Authorize Renewal with Lansing School District for the Truancy Court  
Casework Aide Position           06-021
Irish Construction:  Insulation and Painting of Main Pavilion at Fairgrounds          06-030
Amendment: CATA Agreement Dated January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2020         06-034
Amendment:  Contract with MSU for Environmental Health Services           06-035
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists            06-036
Amendment:  Plante & Moran for 911 Center Consolidation Consultant Services     06-039
Canteen:  Extend Inmate Commissary Contract for One Year         06-040
Capital Area Community Services to Serve Early Head Start Children through 
  Jump Start Program                      06-047
Agreement with MDHS to Provide Support for the Jumpstart Early Advantage Program      06-048
Authorize Contract with Community Mental Health Board for the Ingham Family
  and Youth Intervention Partnership Program            06-051
Authorize MSU College of Veterinary Medicine for Animal Control Shelter Veterinary Srv.      06-052
Approve Michigan Nurses Association Agreement Collective Bargaining Agreement        06-055
Authorize Nelson Trane for Improvements to Air Handling Controls at Correctional Facility     06-057
Authorize Wigen, Tincknell, Meyer & Associates to Prepare Specifications for Three 
      Major Projects at Correctional Facility                     06-058
Authorize Community Mental Health Board of Clinton , Eaton and Ingham Counties and
  Lansing School District Ingham County Helping Kids Achieve Program           06-063
Authorize (1) Year Inter-Local Agreement with the City of Lansing to Share Proceeds 
from the 2006 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program Award        06-065
Ingham County Municipalities and/or Public Safety Authorities: Communication Equipment
  for the Ingham County Public Safety Radio Communications System Project        06-066
Chamber of Commerce:  Lansing Regional Economic Development Assessment       06-069  
State University:  Adolescent Diversion Program             06-080
Michigan 4C Association:  Authorize Child Care Provider Training Agreement         06-122
Peckham, Inc.: Call Center Agreement             06-124
MLJ Consulting, Inc.: Amend  Wireless Communications System management services   06-127
M/A-COM, Inc.: Authorize Change Order #8 for Wireless Communications System      06-128
Health Management Associates: Amend Contract for Review of Jail Medical Services       06-129
Jasper Group:  Maintenance on Unisys Mainframe                06-134
City of Eaton Rapids: Housing Commission to Administer Comm. Dev. Block Grant     06-136
AVI Systems:  Upgrades/Purchases for Court Recording Equipment               06-143
Dru Mitchell:  Business Retention Program Services for EDC              06-150
Simplex Grinnel: Fire Alarm Improvements at Jail                 06-155
Maximus, Inc: Preparation and Negotiation of Circuit Court Rate Study        06-162
All Play Construction: Splash Playground at Hawk Island                06-165
Amend Memorandum of Understanding for the Early On Program           06-169
MDOC:  2006-2007 Community Corrections Grant and Contract     06-176
Sheridan Land Consulting: Extension of Technical Assistance Services to APB          06-182
AKT Peerless Environmental Consulting: Petroleum Site Assessment Grant Program         06-185
Roofcon, Inc.:  Roof Replacement at Ingham County Youth Center            06-187
Mid-Michigan Roofing: Roof  Replacement at 55th District Court.            06-188
Niles Construction:  Interior Painting at Youth Center                06-189
Ingham Intermediate School District : Public Health Nursing          06-200
Joho Technologies: Document Imaging, Storage and Retrieval Services at Health Department.    06-201
MDCH: Amendment #4 to 2005-2006 CPBC Agreement.         06-202
City of Lansing :  2006-2007 Agreement with Health Department.         06-203
Ingham Health Plan Corporation: 2006-2007 Agreements           06-207
Sparrow Health System:  Amend Two Lease Agreements       06-209
MDHS: Amend Teen Parent Program Grant Agreement        06-210
MDHS: Amend Contract to Place Out-stationed  Worker in Health Department      06-211
M/A-Com, Inc: Authorize Contract Change Order #9.         06-213
City of Lansing : Construction at Hawk Island County Park        06-221
Foster Concrete Construction Co.: County-wide Concrete Replacement/Repair        06-222
Myers Plumbing & Heating: Exhaust Vent Replacement at HSB            06-223
Western Waterproofing: Exterior Weatherproofing and Restoration at HSB      06-224
Ingham Regional Medical Center : Womens Health Physician Services      06-226
MI Dept of Community Health:  2006-2007 CPBC Services          06-227
Capital Area Community Services: Early Head Start Children (Jump Start Program)    06-228
Patriot Services: Assist in Completion of Continuity of Operation Plan      06-229 
Extract Systems, LLC: Redact Social Security Numbers from ROD Files        06-238
Lansing Ice & Fuel:  Renew Contract to Supply Fuel for County-owned Vehicles/Equipment    06-240
Capital Area Transportation Authority: Amendment to 1//1/2006 thru 12/31/2010 Agreement  06-243
Shiawassee Regional Education Services District: Provision of OYC Staff       06-248
MI Dept of Human Services: Refugee Assistance Program                  06-249
MI Dept of Human Services: Administrative Support for Development of 
Strong Families/Safe Children Program                                       06-250
Dr. James Peters: Extend Jail Dental Services Agreement.    06-253
Lansing-Mason Area Ambulance Service: Transportation of Inmates     06-254
Authorize Various Contracts through State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement
    Terrorism Prevention Program                     06-255
AT & T: Local and Long Distance Telephone Service    06-263
Ionia County Health Department: Amend Contract for Medical Direction/Program Consultation. 06-270
Shiawassee Community Mental Health Authority: Staff support from OYC.             06-272
Michigan 4C Association:  2007 Resource and Referral   06-279
Michigan 4C Association:  Child Care Training06-280
School Community Health Alliance of Michigan :  Stabilize funding for School-based health centers. 06-283
Department of Human Services:  Amend Jumpstart Agreement. 06-284
AVI Systems: Amend Contract for Circuit Court Recording Equipment  06-286
MSU College of Nursing : Student Field Placement.     06-297
MDEQ: 2006-2007 Agreement 06-298
Mi. Dept of Agriculture: Amend Clean Sweep Pesticide Collection Program Agreement  06-299
Lansing Comm. College : Lease Agreement for Space in Health/Human Services Building  06-301
MSU College of Nursing : Jail Nurse Practitioner Services. 06-304
Amend Resolution 06-176: 2006-2007 Community Corrections Programs 06-305
Delhi Township :  Four-Year Law Enforcement Agreement. 06-307
Lansing and East Lansing : 911 Center 2006/2007 Operations. 06-309
2007 Community Agency Agreements   06-310
AVI Systems:  Digital Recording Equipment for BOC and County Clerk ’s Office   06-315
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal: Disposal of Surplus UPS Units    06-317
Assessment Valuation and Services: Commercial Appraisal Services    06-321
Career Quest: Extension for the Integration Phase of IJIS    06-337
Lansing and East Lansing :  Amend  911 Agreements    06-338
Authorize Contract with East Lansing for Trunked Logging Recorder for 911 Center 06-339
Adams Electronics: Zetron Station Alerting System  06-340


Extend Contract with Sheridan Land Consulting to Provide Technical Assistance       06-182
Contract with AKT Peerless Environmental Consulting          06-185
Authorize Grant Application from American Farmland Trust06-290
Approve 2006 Ranking of Applications 06-318
Approve Letter of Intent to Sell Development Rights to Ingham County   06-319

Authorize Contract with East Lansing for Ordinance Enforcement Services             06-126
Amend Ordinance to Transfer Supervisory Responsibility of Director  to the Controller         06-214
Amend License fee for Unsterilized Dogs   06-336




Rebecca Bahar-Cook to Commissioner District 4                06-001
Susan M. C. Pigg as Economic Development Coordinator      06-003
Laurie Koelling to Agriculture Preservation Board           06-054
Dr. James Richard to Ingham Regional Medical Center Board            06-062  
Stephen Manchester, Chris Swope, Dale Copedge and Raul Gonzales to CMH Board       06-085   
Julielyn Gibbons to the Environmental Affairs Committee          06-088
Norvel Harris to Veterans Affairs Committee           06-093
Dr. Barry Saltman to Board of Health.       06-112
Constance Krebs and Nadine Nosal to the Fair Board         06-179
Sally Trout to Capital Area District Library Board            06-196 
Deborah Smith to Women’s Commission  06-235
Vicki Baron and Scott Basel to Equal Opportunity Committee   06-236
Trey Williams to Youth Commission    06-237
Sarah Steele to Community Health Center Board06-245
Honey Minkowitz to Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission  06-246
Ronald L. Rhule, D.O. as Deputy Medical Examiner 06-251
A’Lynne Robinson to Equal Opportunity Committee 06-258
Keliah Davis, Khadijah Ellis and Morgan Quinney to Youth Commission. 06-259
Dennis Jurczak and D. Bonta Hiscoe as Deputy Medical Directors and Deputy Medical Examiners  06-303

Adjust the 2006 Budget and to Accept Funds from Capital Area United Way      06-049 
Establish the Budget Calendar for 2007        06-061
Authorize Budget Adjustment to Juvenile Division 05/06 Budget. 06-252
Authorize Adjustments to the 2006 Budget.    06-266
2007 General Appropriations    06-278


Approve City of Mason to be Included as a Participating Municipality        06-121


 Reorganize Management Staffing of the Ingham County Circuit Court, Juvenile Division    06-064
Authorize Controller to Procure Property for Continuum of Care Facility          06-144
Authorize Contract with Maximus to Conduct Circuit Court Rate Study       06-162
Provide Additional Reimbursement to Judicial Assistants             06-190
Authorize Contingency Appropriate to Prepare for Special Needs of the Holland Case     06-212
Amend Contract with AVI Systems: Court Recording Equipment          06-286
Authorize Budget Amendment to Circuit Court/Family Court Budget   06-334
Extend Career Quest Contract for Integration Phase of IJIS System      06-337


Approve FOP/Supervisory Collective Bargaining Agreement         06-010
Approve FOP/Corrections Collective Bargaining Agreement            06-033
Approve OPEIU Probate and 30th Judicial Family Division CBA       06-073
Approve ICEA Public Health Nurses CBA      06-092
Approve UAW-TOPS Bargaining Agreement.     06-137
Approve ICEA Professionals Bargaining Agreement         06-138
Approve ICEA Court Professionals Bargaining Agreement          06-139  
Approve ICEA Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys Collective Bargaining Agreement
Amending The Office And Professional Employees International Union , Probate Court And 30th Judicial Circuit Court Family Division - Collective Bargaining Agreements     06-242
Amend ICEA Professional Contract to Allow for ME Investigator Assignments  06-247


Resolution Urging the Housing and Urban Development to Reconsider the Decision not to
Fully fund the Lansing Continuum of Care's Supportive Housing Grant Request        05-053
Digital Recording Equipment for BOC and County Clerk ’s Office   06-315
Appoint Interim County Controller/Administrator. 06-324
Re-Activate Special Search and Recruitment Committee to Select Controller/Administrator. 06-325

Support “Continuum of Care” Community Wide Model for Preventing and Treating Delinquency 06-002
Provide Coordinating and Program Support Services                   06-170
Contract with MSU Extension and MDHS to Implement Title V Grant            06-171
MSU Extension to Provide Coordinating and Program Support Services       06-197
Authorize Decrease in Title V Funding for 3rd Year Contract        06-198
Authorize A Fourth Year Contract with MDHS and Associated Subcontractors           06-199 
Increase Funding for the Coordinator Position          06-244


Authorize Community Corrections Advisory Board to Continue Staff 
        Consultant Services                             06-023 
Authorize Re-Organization at Project Sentry and Amend 2006 Budget              06-130 
Authorize Grant Application and Contract with MDOC for Fiscal Year 2006-2007          06-176


Authorizing Special Election Expenses               06-118  
Establish Fee for Marriage Ceremonies Officiated by the Clerk.   06-276



Appoint County Administrator/Controller.                06-103
Establish Policy on the County Orientation of County Appointees to Certain
     Boards, Commissions and Committees         06-115
Authorize Release of Attorney/Client Privileged Communication          06-180
Enter into Conditional Agreement for Lease and Operation of Potter Park Zoo       06-181
Certify Representatives for MERS Annual Meeting.            06-191
Require Certain Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees That Evaluate
     Employees to Submit Evaluations to the Board   06-292



Authorize Approval of Per Diem Magistrate                        06-173
Contract with Mid-Michigan Roofing for Roof Replacement               06-188


Pledge Full Faith and Credit for Briarwood Drain Drainage District 2006 Bonds.           06-135 
Establish Fees for Enhanced Access to Records                                                           06-277


Approve Retention Program Contract with Dru Mitchell for Business Program Retention      06-150
Approve Tax Sharing Agreement with Meridian Township DDA                   06-151


Accept Donations for Decontamination Equipment           06-268
Accept Public Radio System, Initiate Warranty Period and Enter into Software Agreement        06-288
Authorize 2006-2007 911 Center Operations Contracts with Lansing and East Lansing   06-309


Authorize Contract Amendment with MLJ Consulting                         06-127
Authorize Change Order #8 for M/A COM, Inc. Contract                   06-128
Authorize Contract with East Lansing for New Trunked Logging Recorder         06-147
Accept Revised Budget of MDSP: 2005 State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement
     Terrorism Prevention Program Grant.               06-177  
Assign 911 Advisory Committee to Review Plante & Moran Study              06-215  
Amend Lansing and East Lansing 911 Center Operation Agreements. 06-338
Authorize  Contract with East Lansing for New Trunked Logging Recorder. 06-339
Authorize Contract with Adams Electronics for Zetron Station Alerting System. 06-340
Authorize Contracts for Homeland Security/Terrorism Prevention Projects. 06-341

Amendment ICEA Agreement re:  Domestic Partner Dental and Vision Insurance          06-314


Adopt 2006 County Equalization Report         06-106
Designate County Representatives at State Tax Commission Hearings           06-107
Approve 2006 Apportionment Report    06-267
Contract with Assessment Valuation and Services:  Commercial Assessments 06-321
Appoint Douglas Stover as County Grant Administrator for Remonumentation 06-322


Contract to Implement Title V Grant for CCY                        06-171


Authorize Contingency Funds to Purchase Lifepak Defibrillators   06-264



Amend Resolution #04-045 to Increase the Number of Members Serving on Fair Board      06-029
Award Proposal and Enter Into Contract to Provide and Install Insulation and Painting 
of the Main Pavilion                  06-030
Accept Donation of Sewer Line from Netterfields Popcorn and Lemonade              06-183
Amend Resolution 05-339, Authorize Per Diems to Board Members Working Fair Week        06-184
Accept $5,000.00 Donation from City of Mason (asphalting/paving Temple Street entrance) 06-219 
Adopt Revised By-laws   06-261


Increase Financial Reporting Threshold for Fixed Assets from $1,000 to $5,000         06-032 
Authorize 2006 Administrative Fund                           06-059
2006 Borrowing Resolution (2005 Delinquent Taxes)          06-060
Establish the Budget Calendar for 2007                           06-061
Approve Deficit Elimination Plan:  Drain GIS Study Fund and Insurance Internal Service Fund    06-071  
Adopt 2006 County Equalization Report          06-106
Authorize Adjustments to the 2006 Ingham County Budget            06-119
Establish Areas of Priority Emphasis Guiding 2007 Activities and Budget Process          06-120
Update Various Fees for County Services           06-156
                     Amended 12/12/2006  06-316
Amending the 2006 Budget               . 06-194
Authorize Adjustments to the 2006 Budget.    06-266
Approve 2006 Apportionment Report    06-267
2007 General Appropriations    06-278
Amend/Correct Resolution #06-231 to Implement Procedures for Handling Reimbursable Costs
     For FOC Bench Warrants   . 06-294
Authorize 2007 Agreements for Community Agencies 06-310
Appoint Interim County Controller/Administrator. 06-324
Re-Activate Special Search and Recruitment Committee to Select Controller/Administrator. 06-325
Amend the 2006 Apportionment Report.. 06-326
Authorize Adjustments to the 2006 Budget. 06-327
Appoint Outside Auditor  06-328



Authorize Transfer of Funds to Imprest Cash within FOC Fund.        06-174
Implement Procedures for Handling Reimbursement Costs for Bench Warrants         06-231
Accept SCAO Grant to FOC for the Access & Visitation Program  06-274
Amend/Correct Resolution #06-231 to Implement Procedures for Handling Reimbursable Costs
     For FOC Bench Warrants . 06-294


MI Dept of Labor and Economic Growth:  2006 Remonumentation Project          06-008
Authorize Amendment to W. K. Kellogg Foundation Health Equity through Social Justice Grant    06-015
Authorize 2006-2007 Federal Abstinence Grant Program.    06-273
Accept SCAO Grant to FOC for the Access & Visitation Program.   06-274
Authorize Moving Our Community Toward Health Grant from MDCH   06-281
Authorize Grant Contract with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation   06-282
W.K. Kellogg Foundation: School based Health Centers  . 06-283
Accept Compassion Capital Fund Demonstration Project Grant. 06-285
Gang Resistance Program: U.S. Justice Department 06-306
Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council: Alcohol Sale Compliance Checks  06-308
DLEG: 2007 Remonumentation Grant. 06-322
Ronnie Lester: County Representative for Remonumentation Project. 06-323
Wolverine Engineers and Surveyors:  Remonumentation Project.. 06-323
W.K. Kellogg Foundation:  School Community Health Alliance of Michigan . 06-331
Accept Grant from Corporation for National and Community Centers. 06-333
Accept 2007 Risk Avoidance Grant from MMRMA.. 06-342


Authorize Agreement with ICEA to Move two Represented Positions to Managerial 
and Confidential.               06-017  
Amendment:  Contract with MSU for Environmental Health Services          06-035
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists                 06-036
Authorize Change in Status of  the Human Services Grant Coordinator Position          06-037  
Establish Fee Schedule:  Office for Young Children              06-077
Adjust Status of Two Positions           06-078 
Adjust Status of Positions in the Office for Young Children          06-079 
Reorganize Office for Young Children         06-108
Amend Ingham County Sanitary Code: Inspection of Onsite Water and Sewage Systems       06-109
Establish Fee Schedule for Point of Sale Regulation          06-110
Authorize Agreement with Michigan 4C Association for Child Care Provider 
    Training Agreement..06-122
Authorize Carry Forward of 2005 Funds, Adjust 2006 Department and General Fund Budgets     06-123
Authorize Agreement with Peckham, Inc. for  Call Center Agreement.        06-124
Authorize Amendments 2 & 3 to 2006 CPBC with MDCH           06-140
Amend Resolution 05-307 h National Assn of Child Care Resources/ReferralAgencies)      06-157
Authorize Child Care Training Agreement with Michigan 4C Association          06-158
Appoint Suganda Lowhim, M.D. as Deputy Medical Examiner                     06-159
Authorize Subcontracts with Infant Health Disparities Initiative Grant            06-160
Establish Positions to Implement Point of Sale Regulation          06-161
Amend Memorandum of Understanding for Early On Program                06-169
Authorize Public Health Nursing LOU with Ingham Intermediate School District 06-200
Authorize Contract with Joho Technologies           06-201
Authorize Amendment #4 to CPBC Agreement with MDCH               06-202
Authorize a 2006-2007 Agreement with City of Lansing                  06-203
Accept Health Disparities Grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation/Authorize Subcontracts.      06-204
Authorize Amendment to 0-3 Secondary Prevention Grant with Children’s Trust Fund        06-206
Authorize Agreements with Ingham Health Plan Corporation              06-207
Authorize Administrative Support Services Agreements with County Health Plans         06-208
Amend Two Lease Agreements with Sparrow Health System              06-209
Amend Teen Parent Program Grant Agreement           06-210
Amend Contract with MDHS to Place Out-stationed Worker in R & E Unit.              06-211
Establish Billing Manager Position                                   06-225
Authorize Agreement with Ingham Regional for Womens Health Physician Services        06-226
Authorize 2006-2007 CPBC Services Agreement               06-227
Authorize Agreement with Capital Area Community Services for Early Head Start Children 
(Jump Start Program)                  06-228
Authorize Contract with Patriot Services: Assist with Continuity of Operations Plan          06-229
Appoint Donald Rhule, DO as Deputy Medical Examiner 06-251
Replace Schedule of Discounts for Family Planning Services  06-269
Amend Contract with Ionia County Health Department for Medical Direction/Program Consultation  06-270
Authorize Transfer for Funds to Support DSH Payments to IRMC and Sparrow Health System. 06-271
Authorize Agreement with Shiawassee Community Mental Health Authority 06-272
Authorize 2006-2007 Federal Abstinence Grant Program     06-273
Authorize Agreement with Michigan 4C Association: 2007 Resource and Referral. 06-279
Authorize Child Care Training Agreement with Michigan 4C Association  06-280
Authorize Moving Our Community Toward Health” Grant from MDCH   06-281
Authorize Grant Contract with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation... 06-282
Authorize Collaborative Agreement with W.K. Kellogg Foundation and
    The School Community Health Alliance of Michigan .. 06-283
Amend Jumpstart Agreement with MDHS 06-284
Accept Compassion Capital Fund Demonstration Program Grant  06-285
Authorize Student Field Placement Agreement with MSU College of Nursing. 06-297
Authorize 2006-2007 Agreement with Mi. Dept. of Environmental Quality 06-298
Mi. Dept. of Agriculture:  Amend Clean Sweep Pesticide Collection Program Agreement 06-299
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists for 2007 06-300
Authorize Lease Agreement for Space in the LCC Health and Human Services Building. 06-301
Amend Resolution 06-207 (Agreements with Ingham Health Plan).. 06-302
Appoint Dennis Jurczak and D. Bonta Hiscoe as Deputy Medical Directors and Deputy M.E.s. 06-303
Authorize Agreement with College of Nursing /Establish Health Center Administrator Position. 06-304
Appoint Interim Health Officer 06-329
Amendment #1: CPBC Agreement with MDCH. 06-330
Accept Grant from Kellogg Foundation (School Community Health Alliance ).... 06-331
Adjust Status of Two Public Health Nursing Positions. 06-332
Authorize Grant from the Corporation for National and Community Services.. 06-333


Contract with City of Eaton Rapids to administer Community Development Block Grant     06-136
Amend Consolidate Annual Contributions Contract with US Dept of Housing and
 Urban Development  For Modernization Funding for Carriage Lane Apartments      06-186


Recognize Holt School District for Involvement in the Mass Vaccination Flu Clinic Exercise      06-019 
Reclassifying the Purchasing Director Position                06-043
Amend Resolution #05-251 and Authorize Staffing Adjustments       06-050
Reclassifying the Diversion Coordinator Position                 06-192


Authorize a Public Health Mutual Aid Agreement with Other Counties/Districts in Emergency
  Preparedness Region One                06-046
Amend the Collaborative Agreement with Capital Area United Way         06-205
Appoint Interim Health Officer  06-329
Authorize Emergency Appropriation for Angel House Program. 06-335


Authorizing Re-evaluation of the Contractual Relationship with Camp Highfields, Inc.  06-041
Enter into System of Care Interagency Agreement.. 06-287


Establish Juvenile Justice Community Agency Process          06-125
Authorize 2006 Agreements for Community Agencies             06-175

Approve Funding Request of Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority     06-005
Make Limited Tax Pledge to Support the Ingham County Land Bank Fast           06-006
Track Authority Notes Making Limited Tax Pledge.                     06-090  
Utilize County’s Option to Acquire Tax Foreclosed Properties               06-167
Transfer All Unsold Tax Reverted Properties Rejected by Local Units to the Authority   06-291


Adopt the Ingham County Hazard Mitigation Plan               06-024


Authorize Transfer of Funds and Contract for Accounting             06-076


Request to Submit to Electorate Millage Increase for CATA.               06-111
Submit to Electorate a Juvenile Millage Renewal Question.              06-145
Submit to Electorate a Potter Park Zoo Millage Authorization Question            06-218
Amend Resolution 06-218: Levy the Special Purpose Potter Park/Zoo Millage. 06-312

Authorize Lease Agreement with Cingular Wireless for 130” Stealth Flag Pole    06-262



Support CADL ADA Improvements.                  06-084   
Authorize FOIA Request to MDHS Regarding Investigative Reports for Camp Highfields    06-095 
In Support of the IMPACCT Partnership and Community Based System of Care      06-172


Adopt Ordinance and Setting Penalties for Parking Violations at the VMC/GPB             06-028 
Adopt Ordinance and Establishing Penalties for Parking Violations in County Lots         06-091


Authorize Purchase of Lumber and Materials to Construct Boardwalks         06-007
  at Hawk Island County Park.
Transfer Funds for Recreation Needs Assessment to Update Master Plan           06-031
Authorize Transfer of Up to $150,000 from the Parks 508 Fund Balance to the Parks 450 
 Capital Improvement Fund for the Construction of Hawk Island Park Splashpad        06-042
Authorize Application to MDNR Trust Fund Grant to Develop a Non-Motorized
Pathway in Meridian                        06-056  
Authorize Purchase of Splash Playground Equipment               06-072 
Authorize Grant Application for Snow Tubing Hill at Hawk Island .             06-149
Authorize Entering into Easement Agreements for Heart of Michigan Trail           06-152
Establish Additional Parks Assistant Manager Position                 06-153
Modify Ordinance Establishing Park Rules and Regulations                  06-154
Contract with All Play Construction Splash Playground at Hawk Island         06-165
Authorize Contract with Road Commission for Improvements to Rayner Park Entrance Rd.      06-220
Authorize Contract with City of Lansing to Fund Construction at Hawk Island County Park       06-221
Create New Classifications within Department.  06-320


County Orientation of County Appointees to Certain Boards, Commissions and Committees 06-115


Contingency Funds to Assist in Meeting Case Management Demands During 
an Extended Medical Leave (Probate Court)                06-038 
Authorize Budget Adjustment to Juvenile Division 05/06 Budget. 06-252


Authorize Temporary Salary Increase for Administrative Specialist Position            06-230


Accept Grant from Dept. of Justice for Gang Resistance Program   06-306



Accept Offer to Purchase Property at 2200 S. Washington Avenue, Lansing   06-239  


Contract with Extract Systems to Redact Social Security Numbers from Records  06-238
Authorize Two Part-Time Temporary Positions for Redaction of Information. 06-238


Amendment:  Plante & Moran for 911 Center Consolidation Consultant Services     06-039
Canteen:  Extend Inmate Commissary Contract for One Year              06-040
Accept Historical Artifacts for Display              06-082
Enter into “ Ingham County Mutual Police Assistance Agreement”           06-083
Adopt State Record Retention and Disposal Schedule #11 – Law Enforcement Agencies    06-089
Accept the 2006 Highway Safety Award Grant           06-096
Accept FY2004 Homeland Security Grant Program.            06-097
Authorize Opening of a Post, Amend MDOC Contract and Related Budget Adjustments    06-114
Authorize Contract Amendment with Health Management Associates     06-129
Authorize Fire Alarm Improvements                          06-155
Authorize Acceptance of Additional $11,500 from MOHSP for 05/06 PA 416 Grant         06-163
Assign 911 Advisory Committee to Review Plante & Moran Study  06-215
Extend Jail Dental Services Agreement with Dr. James Peters. 06-253
Authorize Contract with Lansing-Mason Area Ambulance Service for Transportation of Inmates. 06-254
Authorize Contracts for Equipment, Supplies, Contractual Services and Training Costs  Through State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program  06-255
Authorize Purchase and Installation of Emergency Generator.. 06-265
Authorize Adding East Lansing as Participating Entity to Interlocal Agreement   06-275
Authorize Acceptance of Historical  Constable Badge for Display in ICSO    06-289  
Authorize 4-year Agreement for Law Enforcement Services with Delhi Township    06-307
Accept 2207 Risk Avoidance Grant from MMRMA. .. 06-342



Honoring Lynne Watson                06-020
Honoring Consul Miguel Antonio Meza-Estrada                        06-025
Recognizing “Black History/Cultural Diversity Month” in Ingham County          06-027
Recognizing “Women’s History Month” in Ingham County             06-044
Declaring March 31, 2006 as “Cesar E. Chavez Day: in Ingham County         06-045
Congratulating Allen Street Neighborhood Center                         06-067
Congratulating Melissa Austin            06-068
Honoring Robert Glandon            06-074
Honoring Gretchen Fergason              06-075
Honoring Rebecca McCormick             06-081 
In Honor of the 2006 State Arbor Day Celebration             06-086
Affirming Benefits of Equal Opportunity            06-087
Declare April 23-29 as “Holocaust Remembrance Week” in Ingham County       06-098
Declare April 23-29 as “ National County Government Week” in Ingham County           06-099
Congratulate Haslett Women’s Club on 100th Anniversary.       06-100
Honoring Daniel Irvine                        06-104
Congratulate Vision 2020 Lansing                06-105
Encourage Drivers to Operate their Vehicles in a Careful Manner      06-113
Honoring Bruce Schafer            06-116
Honoring Mary Ruttan.           06-117
Honoring ICSO and Others for their Work in the Ricky Holland Case.  06-131
Honoring Dr. Mari Nicol for her five years as Vet at Animal Control            06-132
Honoring Det. Lt. Jeffrey Joy.                       06-133
Honoring Jeffrey Venn.                   06-141
Honoring Gail Moore                06-142
Honoring Dr. Jerome Gallagher on his Retirement.       06-146
Appreciate Mounted Unit for Support of Youth Education Wagon Train         06-148
Recognize 2006 African American Parade and Festival              06-164
Honoring Reverend Lawrence H. Hinton.               06-166
Designate June 26-30th as “The Blues Chapter 145 Management Week”        06-168
Honoring Gail Kleine       06-178
Recognizing   Michigan
Indian Week                     06-216
Designate September 25 “Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Children”       06-217
Honoring Dan Reinecke. 06-232
Designate September 15-October 15 as Hispanic Heritage Month 06-233
Honoring Ryan Mohre. 06-234
Designate October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Ingham County . 06-256
Honoring Major Michael F. Carpenter. 06-257
Support Designation of Old 27 Highway as Historic Route. 06-260  
Honoring Robin Reynolds  06-295
Honoring Bradley Shuck.. 06-311
Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 06-313


Authorize County to Participate                06-193


Authorize to Establish a Local Government Investment Pool Under Act 121 of 1985        06-004
Authorize 2006 Administrative Fund                     06-059
2006 Borrowing Resolution (2005 Delinquent Taxes)                  06-060
Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant.              06-102
Authorize Reorganization in Treasurer's Office      06-293


Support Long Term-Care Single Point of Entry Proposal       06-026
Approve Area Plan for Fiscal Years 2007-2009.                06-195


Endorse “Regional Growth: Choices for our Future”                06-101

Authorize Appropriation to Chapter 37 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart       06-094
Increase Size of Veterans Affairs Committee     06-296


Authorize Purchase of an Industrial Washer                     06-022
Contract with Roofcon, Inc. for Roof  Replacement.        06-187
Contract with Niles Construction for Interior Painting.                     06-189


Support “Continuum of Care” Community Wide Model for Preventing and         06-002
                  Treating Delinquency.

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